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  1. I did a photo shoot last week, and I'm having trouble deciding what looks good when editing my images. I shot with a fairly harsh light concentrated on her face, so I lose a lot of detail in her dark clothing and I think her face looks too muted. I attached a sample here, the left is as shot, the right is after I edited it. I've shown these too a few people who say they like the original better. Can anyone offer some suggestions? For what it's worth, I'm going for a 'high fashion' look.
  2. First take the pen tool and remove all the crap from behind her (scarf)- you need to do something with the hair - that's No.1 in a shoot like this. Localize the face and adjust it to your liking. I would leave the clothing dark since is fails to hang well - wrinkles.
    Brighten the eyes - even out the lips - take the fold from behind the right ear - it makes her look hunchbacked. Smooth and remove the two large folds in the right armpit - If you have your model maintain good posture you will avoid most of these fixes. I would lighten the shadow under the nose - a makes the nose look vary large. Burn down the left hand it's improperly posed and almost as large as the face.
    The arm reaching to nowhere is concerning - too late now.
  3. Also, the skin needs some softening
  4. Gary, I'll work on a lot of that. Some of what you suggest (like facial work) is beyond my ability. What do you mean by burn down the left hand? Darken it?
    On the bright side, the arm leading to nowhere isn't a problem. It's a full body shot, I only cropped this way to better show the comparison here since that's the area that needs to be worked on.
  5. Yes, darken or de-emphasize it - next time shoot hands on edge so they appear smaller.
    Notice how the Head sits low into the body - pose for a long neck - if you let the left shoulder ride up as you have here, the neck disappears and the head sinks into the chest - it get's back to posture and long graceful lines.
    Your main lite is in shitsville - it's not dead on (beauty lighting) or off to the side Rembrant lighting - it's somewhere in between and as a result so is your image.
    The spectral highlights in the face are what Dipesh correctly mentioned and if you're going to use a hard light you better be ready with makeup!
    Overall, does your model look comfortable?
    Is your light complementing that comfort? Helping to create a mood?
    Is the outfit appropriate for that pose? Is there a better look?
    And so it goes - you must plan ahead and observe every detail - or expect hours of post.
    Finally, I've never asked anyone to comment on the work. I either believe in it or I make sure no one ever sees it. You must learn to make your decisions - believe in them - and then judge them for yourself. A keen eye will result and you'll know when it's right.
  6. The model looks jaundiced in the "after" shot. The excessively warm color cast doesn't work for a studio fashion shot.
    What do you mean by a "high fashion" look? To my eye, there's nothing "fashion" about this shot. The model, while attractive, doesn't look like a fashion model. The clothes and accessories (and their combination) are not fashionable. The styling is nonexistent.
  7. bring your effect 60% less and you will be in the right way. Youre new version is too light, have no life or love... by bringing just enough details while keeping the original light setup you are closer to a good file.
    Just make sure that you work on a calibrated monitor so you can work the skin color more correctly, a little more on the pinky side
  8. Well I´m new here and photography, but I hope I can help you with some post-processing.
    I will post a picture and tell you its tweaks.
    IF you use Lightroom.
    You can increase some black +5
    In HSL you can:
    reduce red saturation -24 ( I find her lips way too red)
    Reduce orange saturation -10 (make her skin tone less yellow)
    Increase Yellow saturation +38 (give more color to her beautiful yellow hair)
    Decrease yellow hue -17 (make her hair color blondier)
    Increase Orange luminance +10 (Make her skin brighter).
    In Adjustmen brush
    Brush her face with +49 Soften Skin
    Color her eyes with blue color +50% saturation
    Try to reduce her face spot on the left lower cheek. you can use soften skin again on 100%
    I hope I´ve helped you!

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