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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by allan_martin, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hi there!
    Im looking for a holster bag for my d7000 + 70-300 + sb-700.
    Also looking for a bag with a clip rather than only zippers.
    So far ive found the lowe pro TOP loader 65 and 70.
    Im not sure though if the sb-700 would fit those front pockets, nor that they would fit the 7-300.
    Any ideas or recommendations?
    Which one should I pick?
  2. Hmmm. When I think of a hoster bag, I think of a camera and a lens and nothing else. Adding the flash really limits the choices.
    The closest I have found, is a Kata bag that has zipper AND a clip, so you could leave the zipper unzipped for fast access. Try looking at the sizes in this list:
    Select Holster and view all.
  3. I've check this brand already but I dint find any model that had a clip. I might be missing something, but by the pictures all kata holster have only zippers and strap handles.
  4. Alternative solution for portability, have you considered a smaller flash? I have a Nissin (I think it's a Di28) that I've been known to put in the front pocket of a LowePro toploader, along with a flash cable. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in purely manual mode (which scuppered my plan of using its variable power mode via a PC-Sync cable), nor does it support CLS, but if you want a portable flash and a physical connection to the camera suffices, it may do well enough. (You could spend more and do the same with an SB-400.)

    It's no substitute for the SB-700 (I have several SB-600s, and there's no comparison even between them and the Di28 - which is why I've not used it for a while), but a big flash takes space.

    It's been a while since I looked through the range, but do any of LowePro's toploaders support SlipLock? You could always put the flash in an external lens case, if so. (The toploader I have has a belt loop that can be abused to act as a sliplock, if you don't mind the second container being sideways, but it's not really in the right place.) Doing this is a bit bulky - you're paying for spare padding between the camera and flash - but it might sort of work. Though how much smaller it would be than a small more conventional bag is another matter. LowePro's web site contains far too much content for me to be able to even look and suggest!

    Think Tank are also worth a look in general, though I don't know whether they have anything the size or shape you're looking for. Good luck.
  5. Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW can easily fit Sony A700 with grip (or Sony A900) along with OpTech/USA pro strap ...
    • Minolta 5600 HS D flash and a small lens (Tamron 90 mm f/2.8 macro with hood reversed; Minolta 35 mm f/2 with hood deployed; Minolta 50 mm f/1.7 with hood deployed); or,
    • Minolta 70-200 mm f/2.8 HS lens with hood reversed.
    • A separate lens|flash bag|pouch can also be attached to the side (T P 75 AW has a proper attachment on one side) if one desires. I did; had no problems.
  6. Allan,
    Look at the left side of the first shot, and then picture #2. That looks to be a clip on the left side. Maybe the flash would fit in the side lens pocket too ?
  7. Wow I really liked that kaa holster. And
    it does seem to hold the speedlight too.

    Now putting feelings aside, should I go
    with lowepro or kata? considering both
    will fit the d7000+grip+flash+70-300.
  8. Following what parv. said above, I use a Lowepro 75AW toploader with a D7000, and that one will definitely hold the camera with a 70-300mm, even with the hood on the lens. I think the front pocket would also hold a normal sized shoe-mount flash unit (but with no spare space). I also have a slip-lock Lowepro lens case on one side of the bag to hold either the long telephoto or my walk-around 16-85mm lens when the telephoto is on the camera. This is a bigger bag than what you are considering, but I like the fact that it is long enough to leave the hood mounted on the lens. The case closes with a zipper, but you could get a plastic closure clip and sew it onto the case.
  9. Mine Lowepro ... 75 AW bag does have a clip as currently shown in an image (3rd from left) on Lowepro product website. Having mentioned that, I find use of clip to be too fiddly as it requires use of two hands. I only have to use both hands when opening the fully closed zipper & pulling out the camera. I can easily partially & fully close the zipper with one hand; can partially or fully open partially closed zipper.

    According to internal dimensions provided by Kata & Lowepro, larger of Kata holster bags (Grip-18, Access-17, -18) have smaller horizontal area near the top than the Lowepro 75 AW. Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 40 v2 & 50 v2 (I did not try or own any) have even larger horizontal area, in which Sony A900 with vertical grip would fit much better (than in Lowepro 75 AW).

    For comparison: Sony A900 has size of 156 x 117 x 82 mm; Sony A700 has 142 x 105 x 80 mm; and, Nikon D7000 has 132 x 105 x 77 mm.

    Do note that that the Kata hostler bags have unpadded bottom extension per description.

    (And a correction that does not matter in this case: the zoom lens should have been "Minolta 80-200 mm f/2.8 HS" instead.)

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