Help with glass technique: White outline on black and vice-versa

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by gerard, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all,<br>
    I have an idea in mind and would like to learn how to photograph a
    glass as a white outline on a black BG or a black outline in a white
    BG. <br>
    Could you describe how to achive it or point me out to some
    resources? <br>
    Thanks a lot!,<Br>Gerard.
  2. Do you mean something like this...

    Kind regards,
  3. Yes, EXACTLY! Thanks a lot for the sample. I'll inline it here for the clearness of the thread: [​IMG]
    Example of black outline on white. Linked
    Example of white outline on black. Linked
    Could somebody explain me the technique involved?
    The white BG seems like a big diffused light source such as a softbox or a scrim, but how do you get the black definition on the crystal features?
    The white outline on black should be somehow backlighted but that one beats me.
    I would love to give it a try today if somebody can point me out in the right direction.
    -regards, Gerard.
  4. Andi,
    I just noticed that it's you who made these images. Their are great, and indeed the kind of look I'm seeking. Could you share the secret? :)
  5. Blackline: Softbox behind the glass.

    Whiteline: Black background, softbox on each side. The positioning and shape of the sofboxes will define the shape of the whiteline on the edge of the glass.
  6. Gerard,

    Just yesterday I was reading about this technique in the book "Light Science & Magic" - Fil Hunter and Paul Fuqua. Chapter 7 - "The Case of the Disappearing Glass" illustrates the techniques using both lighting diagrams along with the completed photo. I found the explanations concise and an excellent resource for this and other situations.


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