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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by jim_cain, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. I need to use my 30 year old meter (and not used for 27 years) Guess what--the manual has gone walk about. I seem to recall using the small green circle on the lower half of the dial (rather than the larger red one or the yellow triangle) for a 35mm camera. With fresh batteries, the meter is off (using any of the above marks) and needs adjusting. How do I do this?

    This is hardly riveting information for the Forum so you can contact me offline--Many thanks for any help.
  2. I downloaded the images from here and then printed them out to recreate a manual.
  3. Jim, your meter will always be off unless you locate proper voltage replacement batteries. PX13 and PX625 batteries were mercury and they are illegal in the USA. The replacement batteries are the wrong voltage and you will get the wrong readings with them. You can buy WEIN replacement cells from B&H that are zinc air and have the correct voltage or you can buy adapters and use a different size battery with the proper voltage. Check out for the adapters. I've been using WEIN cells in my Luna Pro and it is now accurate and useable again. I can't vouch for the lifespan of the cells because I only recently bought them.
  4. Jim: two points about your meter. First, Bogen will be happy to send you a manual, gratis, upon request. Second, while you're talking to them, consider ordering the little attachment Gossen made for this meter to allow you to use silver batteries in your meter. Costs about $20. No meter adjustment necessary. Batteries last far longer than those zinc-air playtoys.
  5. THANKS for all of your responses--It doesn't get better than this!
  6. Oh, just wait until you see our bill!!!!
  7. FYI: B&H also sells the battery adaptor kit.

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