Help to buy a compact digicam!

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by ghiga, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. I have a big doubt! I need to buy a compact digicam, to have it always
    with me: in my bag or in the pocket.
    I have two candidates: Canon SD 500 (or 550) and Sony DSC P200.
    They are both very good (dp-review, steve-digicams, imaging-resource).
    But: in the photo-samples (especially in the portraits), the Sony
    appears to be a little too soft, and to have less sharpness and more
    elaborated pixels. But it has no cromatic aberration, and less
    distorsion at the edges.
    On the contrary, Canon has more distorsion, high C.A., but more
    sharpened images.
    Question: I like a little more the Sony, but it is possible to have
    more sharpeness in the images with a parameter regolation or not?
    Thanks to all for your help.
    Ghiga 2
  2. Do not know either camera but personally I go for the soft shooting camera, I adjust the settings of my cameras to give me that result, becuase I will adjust contrast/sharpness to my liking in editing.

    Editing doesn't have to be expensive .... is a free download and will handle basic duties, and not so basic ones too, with it's updates, they like a 10Euro donation if you feel so inclinded.
  3. Thank You, JC UKNZ, but I need a valuation about the two models if possible from an user of both. If I reed only the reviews, I am in confusion. Thanks for the suggestion about irfanview: I tried it and it is a really nice program. Ciao!

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