help - shutter delay on rebel xti

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by rick_stephens, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Hi:
    I've been using the same camera / lens setup for a few years and recently have experienced shutter delay on all shots. The delay happens most of the time, and in some cases i cannot even get the camera to take a shot. I have tried new CF cards. I have not tried a diff lens.
    Rebel xti (circa 2007) current mounted lens is a 17-40/2.8L. Do not have an alternate lens at this time.
    Any advise for me? Thanks very much.
  2. Self Timer? clean contacts..does the same with manual focus? luv one of them lenses where you get the f2.8 version LOL
  3. Sounds like you have activated the mirror lockup feature in the custom function set, in this mode you have to press the shutter button twice to get a picture. Combined with self timer you will instead get a two second delay before the picture is taken.
  4. I think it's most likely one of the things Daniel said. But if it's not, you may just be getting into situations where you cannot acquire focus. Check your focus setting too. To be safe, you may want to just reset the camera to factory defaults.
  5. Chris, Daniel, and Bob:
    Thank you. I have tried all of the above and nothing has worked. I reset to factory settings, still no luck. Yes, my lens is a 4L...not a 2.8.
  6. Check your battery level. My shutter work slows down sometimes too when the juice is low.
  7. Have you tried operating the camera with no lens attached? this may eliminate the lens if the body still has a delay. I have seen similar also with a defective lens diaphram, simply tested by putting at f16 and pressing DOF preview will close it down and darken the viewfinder. An old battery could affect the operation if exhausted but generally switch on and off recovers enough for maybe 1 or 2 shots. You don`t mention if you actually get an image?
  8. Liz:
    The battery was the culprit. I have never noticed this before, do you know if it is the battery going bad or an issue with the camera? The battery showed a full charge on the camera.
  9. Lithium Ion batteries have a lifespan. They simply wear out. A couple years of use is about what you can expect from them.
  10. The battery capacity decreases continually over time, charging time shortens but still shows full, rather like a glass of water with sediment building up in the bottom, it can still be filled but less water to use. HTH

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