Help repair fd 24mm f/2.8 s.s.c

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by faisalnuqo, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. I want to clean my canon fd 24mm s.s.c model from fungus. S.s.c model have 8 screws in front lens ( I had already remove 4 screws for the filter ring then another 4 screws I think for front or rear element lens ). The 8 screws has been remove but I can't remove the front elements.

    Anyone who have experience with this lens can give me some tips?

    Thank you

  2. The silver ring surrounding the black inner barrel (with the screw holes) has spanner slots, suggesting that it can be unscrewed. Maybe unscrew that.

    Better yet, locate a repair manual and use that as a guide. FD lenses can be complex inside.
  3. The disassembly of this lens from the front is a puzzle relative to the few other FD lenses I have partly disassembled. I want to clean the glass and take out the oily aperture mechanism for cleaning.

    I removed the name plate using 99% isopropyl alcohol and a homemade grip tool. Then there are the 4 small screws holding the filter ring. At that point my lens looks like the image you show.

    I have searched online and come up with nothing except this page. This lens is more complex because it has 2 helicoids. Were you able to figure out what to do to get access to the inside glass?

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