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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michael_bradtke, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I am trying to do some work on some shots from last week. When I accessed the files through bridge something
    weird is going on.
    When I first open the folder the thumbs load and I can see a larger image in the preview panel. The the thumbs get a
    black border around them and I can no longer see a larger view in the preview panel.

    This is only happening with my D300 files. I have tried resetting the prefs in bridge. That did not help.
    They only thing I have changed is to down load ACR 4.5

    Win XP pro with 2 GB of RAM.

    Anybody got any ideas whats going on?


  2. You're waiting on cache, that's all. You can purge the cache for the folder and for central and it will help.
    Bridge is ment for more than 2 gig of ram. For the price of ram these days, I'd up it to 4 gig and flick the 3
    gig switch. When working in Bridge, try to make sure nothing else is open if you can help it.
  3. Garison
    Thanks for the response. If I am waiting on cache Why did it not do this yesterday with the same files?

    Also bridge has worked fine for me with 2 gigs for as long as I have been using CS3 (since the day it came out of

    In the past I have not had problems with having multiple apps open while working in bridge

    Also my Mo Bo will only hold 3 sticks.

    Thanks for your input
  4. "Garison Thanks for the response. If I am waiting on cache Why did it not do this yesterday with the same files?"

    You're welcome. Bridge is flaky alright, even on the most robust systems. Maybe it has something to do with updating the ACR as well and needs to re-chew everything. Really, there's no harm in dumping your cache by going tools/cache. It's good to do once in awhile. Same with deleting your temp files from Photoshop.

    How big is your cache folder under

    C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Adobe\Bridge CS3

    Ram is cheap, there's a "3 gig switch" thread not too long ago here. $80 and ten minutes work will make things easier/faster on yourself.
  5. Ok I have played around a little more.
    And the more I find the more it sucks. I think it has something to do with the update. Bridge does not read the saved
    XMP data for the files. In fact it losses any information that was there. Photos that have been rotated to the correct
    orientation loose the rotation.
    If I open it in ACR 4.5 it is rotated properly.

    When I first open a folder they are rotated properly as the files are read and the high quality thumbs are produced it
    starts to un rotate.

    The oddest part is it is only happening to my D300 files. My D2h and D100 files are all normal. I have some Canon
    5D CR2 files that act fine.

    I have purged my cache, I have tried moving my cache, I have uninstalled CS3 and re installed it.

    I am kind of stumped right now. Maybe I will poke around on the Adobe user forums and see if they have any thing to

    At least my slaptop is acting normal. But then I have not updated ACR on it and I do not think I will.

  6. I feel your pain when things go sideways. For fun, what happens when you convert a few to dng?
  7. "Bridge is flaky alright, even on the most robust systems"

    it sure is. I've left it for what it is and use ACDsee since. Runs smoothly, a lot faster and never a problem.
  8. Had the same thing happen when I updated the last time also with D300. turned out that I followed the instructions wrong and put the plug in in the the wrong place. When I went back and took it out of Bridge and just had ir in Common files and the purged everything was fine.
  9. Thanks Betsy

    I fixed the problem by uninstalling CS3 re downloading it from Adobe and the installing it from scratch.

    Its interesting I used to know a lady who was a professional Dressage rider with the same name. Not you by any chance is it?
  10. that's me. where do we know each other from?
  11. Betsy

    I sent you a email

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