Help needed... Can I switch an unfinished roll of film from an Elan 7 to an EOS 3?...

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by j._d._mcgee, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. I would like to carry one camera on a trip I am about to leave on,
    and I want it to be my 3. Is it possible for me to rewind the roll
    currently in my Elan 7 using the custom function to leave the leader
    out, then take that roll and load it in the EOS 3 and take really
    fast exposed blanks up until where I left off? Will the alignment
    be right and will the results be alright? Any difference in the two
    frame counters of each camera and has anyone else done this?
  2. Give it an extra frame or 2 to make sure, but how much have you paid for your film? with thousands of dollars worth of camera bodies do you really need to save 1/2 a roll of film for a trip?
    It'll still be in the EOS 3 when you get back.

  3. Yes you can. I did this many many times and actually you dont need to skip any frames. I have never got a double exposure. Trust your camera! Make sure your EOS 3 frame counter is counting up not counting down. If it's counting down, well, you can do the math.
  4. No problem.

    The only times you have to worry is if one camera prewinds and the other doesn't or
    if either camera uses mechanical sprocket hole counters. Both the Elan 7 and the EOS
    3 use infrared diodes to count sprocket holes, so are pretty precise. And both
    cameras wind normally; neither prewinds.
  5. You probably want to skip a frame just to be safe. I've done the similar thing between an Elan and an A2, without skipping a frame (since I thought all EOS bodies are the same in this regard), but on both rolls that I did this with, there were two exposures overlapping by half a frame. So it's safer to skip a frame when switching rolls between different models
  6. It may depend where the film leader is pulled to as to wether it is acurate or not,because the ir sensor can only count from the hole it starts from...
  7. Unless you've tested it, add an extra frame. When reloading film in my Elan II or EOS 5, the registration is perfect, but when reloading between the two bodies, there is a one-sprocket overlap or gap (depending on which way I go).

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