Help ! My printer has gone crazy

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by anthony_brookes|5, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. It's almost certainly me that's crazy but all of a sudden my printer will not print on glossy paper without
    appearing all yellow.and black. There is a very slight trace of red but almost nothing. It prints fine on matt
    paper and ordinary copy paper. Can any kind person give me some advice as to what can be wrong and how it can be
    corrected. Even B&W images have a yellow background. I have changes cartridges but it is no different. I have
    tried different gloss papers - Harman, HP Advanced Photo , Ilford Galerie - all have the same fault.
  2. Which printer?
  3. Also try running a nozzle check on the printer. If it has been left for a long time, the ink dries up, and the nozzles get clogged, and you can get odd results. Your printer's utility can usually do this from the computer, or you should be able to do that from the control panel on the printer.
  4. Sorry I forgot the printer - it's an HP Photosmart 7960. the printer is used regularly at least twice a day but this is the first time I have tried to use glossy paper for about two months. It prints with yellow even in Grayscale mode.
  5. Maybe resetting the printer will help.

    I have this printer and it works well. But I also recognize that it is near ancient in digital dog years. If mine died tomorrow I would understand.
  6. Thanks Michael. I tried that but no favourable result I'm afraid.
  7. Anthony, is it possible you're printing on the back side of the paper? Glossy might look similar on both sides, and it only happens with glossy, right?
  8. Don't know the printer, but it sounds like the print head has died. If your printer has a separate print head (i.e. not integral with the cartridges) which is non-replaceable, there's not much you can do (except buy a new printer!).
  9. I'd recommend new cartridges. I'm no expert on HP's but I think the print head was part of the cartridge on these. Of course there may still be a cleaning option in the printing preferences, try that first.

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