Help my computer won't read my memory card

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by samantha_smith|5, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I have a SanDisk ultra II 8.0GB memory card that I use in my Canon 30D. In the past I have never had a problem
    downloading my pictures from my camera when connected with the USB cable. My computer is unable to connect
    with my camera to pull up the images on my memory card. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling my software for my
    camera and still had no luck. However I am able to download pictures from my other memory card which is a sandisk
    4.0GB and had no problems what so ever. So my question is why won't my computer read my memory card all of a
    sudden and is there anyway I can get my pictures off my 8.0GB memory card?

  2. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    > So my question is why won't my computer read my memory card all of a sudden and is there anyway I can get my pictures off my 8.0GB memory card? <

    I do not know why, but if I were you I would not go through the bother of finding out: just buy a card reader.

  3. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    `` just buy a card reader . . .``

    should read:

    just buy a card reader, as the first step. It could fix the problem and surely will be a better long term method for your downloading, anyway.

    (my cut and paste went whacky, sorry)

  4. Card reader, absolutely. Not only will it solve the problem, but your uploads will be much faster.
  5. My first card reader is an external card reader that connects to an external usb port, I have no problem with it, And then I decided to install an internal card reader that connects to the pc's internal usb connectors, I got an erratic problems, Sometimes the card reader would read and other times not, I checked to make sure I didnt make a wrong connction , and I didnt. So I went back to the store and have it replaced, Same problem. So now I'm back with an external type of card reader, No problem occurs.
  6. It could also be that , that particular card is damaged , happened to me.
  7. I would get a card reader.....Hear these problems all the time.
  8. Chances are the cable has developed a break in one of the fine wires inside.
  9. Except that she wrote that her other cards download just fine. That means that there's a problem with your CF card. Are you able to view the images on the LCD of your camera? Are you getting a CF card Err message? Have you attempted to use a card reader rather than linking the camera via USB?

    In the event you are unable to retrieve the images on your 8GB card, most pro camera shops and CF card manufacturers offer data recovery services... for a price. I had an 8GB Dane Elec card go south on me last year, they attempted to recover the data but were unsuccessful and I lost approximately 140 photographs. Many people have the same story in this digital age.
  10. It may have to do with the size of the card. If the protocol is slightly different your computer may not recognize it. For example: my PC will not read 4gb SD cards without a special HC adapter.
  11. The fact that you can read other cards, but now not this one points to the card being the problem. That being said, I would still try the card
    reader. It could be that whatever glitch is affecting the card could be causing the camera software to not be able to download the files.
    However, maybe you computer's OS can still read and download the files (via card reader). If that works, then reformat the card.
    However, don't use or reformat the card until you get this resolved. If downloading the files by card reader doesn't work, then it's time for
    data rescue software, which will likely require the use of a card reader anyways.

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