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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by maru_choi, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Hello all,
    I purchased my 7d with Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 vc lens and used for about 40 days. And few days ago, after I used video mode I took a shot and it gave me error 01. "faulty communication between lens and camera". So I turned off camera then detached and reattached lens. and it was ok for a while. but it occurs occassionally. So I tested and noticed that everytime I took a shot after I use "af-on" button to focus in video mode, it give me error 01. Also, It seems that I can take a shot but can't review a pic. It give me error 01 screen instead of review screen right after shot is taken. I cleaned contacts but no good. Does anyone have this problem?
  2. Canon error code 01 is indeed an indication that the camera is having problems communicating with the lens. You might want to look at the contacts on the lens (and the camera) and clean them (Google it) - is there any black residue for example? If you had acess to another lens it would be a good test to see if it happens with that too. Right now though, the camera is telling you that the most likely cause is that the lens contacts are dirty. Also, make sure your battery is fully charged. You might also try the lens in manual AF and see if the problem still occurs.
  4. I had an 01 error on my 40D using a Canon 17-85 and cleaned the contacts with no improvement. Other lensed worked fine so I concluded it was the lens and more particularly the iris operation. The lens went back to the Canon hospital and was fixed for 51UK pounds.
    Canon confirmed it was the iris but also checked the camera including a sensor clean all included in the price. If your problem is with the Tamron lens then I guess it will have to be returned to a Tamron repair place.
    Good luck
    PS I too have a Tamron 17-50 as well as the Tamron 18-270 I hope they prove more reliable than my Canon 17-85.
  5. Hi, Jeff. I'm pleased to hear that you had a good experience with Canon. I sent my 35mm F2 lens back to them this very morning with the same problem. Err 01 on my 5D with this lens which I have used for 2-3 years without problems. The diaphragm refuses to open after exposure. It has happened intermittently over the past weeks. It also happens on another body but all my other lenses are OK. I tried cleaning the contacts gingerly then fairly robustly but no improvement. So, I'm hoping it's the iris and that it doesn't cost more than 51 GBP!
    I hope your problem gets sorted out, Maru.
  6. hi, Peter
    I cleaned the lens contact with cleaning kit but it was no good. Also, I don't get any error when I use for photo(both AF/MF works). I only get error when I shoot video then return to photo and take a shot. So I tested some way to find out how I got this error.
    1. used manual focus in lens when shooting video then took a shot= No error
    2. used auto focus in lens when shooting video then took a shot = error 01
    I tested both in exact same setting and mode(M).
    So do you think that there is problem with tamron lens?
    Jeff when you had a problem with iris operation in your lens, did lens make really noisy sound when you try to focus on something?
    I hope it is lens that has problem not 7D body
    Anyway, Thank you for all your responses
  7. Try a different lens to determine if its the lens or the body. Especially try Canon lenses. If you don't have, go to a store and try out one or two.
  8. Just went thru error 01 with a 7D (bought May 2010, about 3K clicks) and a 24-105 L lens I've had a few years. My most used lens, maybe 15K images on a 40D and the 7D, with numerous trips all over US, Europe, and Canada.
    I could not make the error occur with any other lens (all Canon), nor with the 24-105 on a 40D body. The error was only intermittent, so who knows. I cleaned contacts as suggested, and decided to send lens and camera to Canon in Irvine. Canon confirmed the error on my 7D as well as on a test body, attributed the error to the lens, replaced the "power diaphragma assembly" (not sure if that's a typo, but that is what the reply letter says) for under $180, cleaned and checked lens and camera body (camera cleaned for free). Results are so far, so good.
    Since your issue is with a Tamron lens, Canon may say it is not their problem. Best of luck...

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