Help me develop my found 616 film

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by alan_gage, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I found a couple rolls of old film this weekend; one of them being
    616. I don't have a way of processing this size...can anyone lend me a

    If someone could send me a tank and spool I'd happily return it after
    development and pay you for the shipping charges. I was hoping to find
    one for sale on EBAY but I found nothing.


  2. Alan, I have an old Cherry Vale plastic tank (swizzle stick, I'm afraid -- no inversion agitation for this one) that will accomodate 116/616/70 mm in addition to 35 mm, 127, and 120 -- which you can have, permanently, if you pay the shipping. E-mail me your address and I'll send it along and let you know how much to send me.

    I haven't ever used this tank, it came to me with a bunch of other darkroom stuff and I have other equipment I prefer for the sizes I shoot (35 mm and 120/620) -- so I can't vouch for its light tightness, though it has no visible damage. I'd recommend, at the least, developing an unimportant roll of 120 in it before committing your irreplaceable 616 found film...
  3. Thanks Donald,

    I'll take you up on that...E-mail is on the way.

  4. One thing to double-check ... later 616 films were 8 exposures, early films (and therefore early tanks) were only 6 exposures ... you can't get an 8 exposure film into a reel designed for a 6 exposure film ... been there, done that, got the creased negs :-(
  5. This tank has a spiral long enough to accomodate a 36 exposure roll of 35 mm -- which is five feet. I'm pretty sure even the 8 exposure 116/616 film won't be that long.

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