help me decide: canon 7 VS. canon VI-L

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  1. Hi, all!

    I have two options a canon 7 and a canon VI-L - what do you say?
    The canon 7 is 250$ and the VI-L 320 after CLA.

    Which has the better VF contrastier RF?How do they compare to early leica M's
    in that sense?

  2. The VI-L is good with a 35 focal length and best suited for a 50mm focal length. For the 85mm, 100mm and 135mm focal lengths, three very scarce bright-line viewfinders are used. These rise and fall automatically for parallax correction.

    The Canon 7 is much more convenient with regards to switch between focal lengths. Not only is its viewfinder brighter, but its user selected frame lines are projected not reflected. The frame lines automatically correct for parallax.

    The VI-L is a better looker of the two. They just don't make cameras like this any more. The 7 on the other hand is the better all around shooter. In short, the Canon 7 is a very practical choice and you won't be chasing difficult to source, read expensive, auxilliary viewfinders.

    The Canons are very good RF shooters, but an M2 for normal use or an M3 for the 50 and 90 focal lengths are a step up on the food chain.
  3. I closed the deal on canon 7
  4. A good choice - the VI-L is drop dead gorgeous, but it was more rooted to the past Canon IV and V series which were Canon's oneupmanship against the Leica IIIf.
  5. The sad bit is that I will be using a jupiter -8 on it until I find a cheap\save money for canon 50/1.8 or 35/2.8
  6. Don't underestimate the Jupiter, I've seen some wonderful shots taken with Jupiters.
  7. I've taken some decent ones with one - but I still would prefer to mount a canon on a canon.
  8. jtk


    Canon P.

    The finder's much much better (less squinty) than the VI-L and the body's just as compact.

    P is better than Leica M3 in every respect except noise (slightly louder due to metal shutter) and finder brightness/frameline clutter (very good nonetheless, 35mm, 50, and 100 bright frames..35 frame is awkward but accurate)

    7 meters rarely work these days, and they're tough to repair. If yours is dead, don't count on anyone being able to fix it (KEH does sometimes manage, reportedly).

    I think $320 is pricey for a VI-L, no matter what condition, but if the meter on the 7 actually works accurately $250 may be a bargain.
  9. I often use the meter in my Bessa. My 7s ("7sZ") has a meter that
    works perfectly; I find the meter awkward and I seldom use it. I
    wonder if
    the meter in the 7 (if it works at all) is any better.

    Yes, the P is fine.

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