Help me choose the correct Nikon flash (And get over my fear of flash too!)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by greglyon, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Hi, I currently use a D100 and SB28 Flash. The lack of TTL is
    really a pain for me. I find that I'm sticking to available light
    photography these days because of my setup, except for macro shots
    where I can shoot in Manual, check histogram, adjust, shoot again,

    I would like to start using 1 and 2 flash setups for people photos,
    ideally semi-candids where one flash is on camera and another is
    triggered remotely to provide ambient light.

    So, the questions:

    1) I'm planning to sell the SB28 and buy...what? My first thought
    is to buy an SB-800 now and an SB-600 later...BUT, isn't there some
    issue with D100 and SB-800 combo?

    1a) Would I be better off to sell the D100 in favor of a D70, flash
    wise? (While I'd love to consider D2h or x they're not in my budget
    anytime soon!)

    2) Is it realistic to use the on-camera flash as a master to this
    flash that you help me choose for the off camera flash? Or is it
    just better to wait until I have two flashes to do that?

    3) Point me to good links to help me learn effective multiple flash

    4) I would really love to simulate available light, is that too much
    to ask of speedlights?

  2. Greg, cut loose of the D-100 and pickup the D-70, get the SB-800 flash, heck
    of a flash with unlimited versitality and mulitiple flash arrangements, the
    combintion are terrific, for just about anything. Nikons usa website has some
    additional info on the SB-800 capabilities. The onboard flash on the D-70 can
    trigger a single SB-800 remotely so you can start off with that combo and add
    more flashes as you progress and can afford them. Many photographers feel
    they are somewhat incomplete without the latest and most expensive bodies,
    but I feel one could spend years with this outfit and get outstanding results.
  3. Greg, I was flash timid as well until I got the SB600 for my D70. It has taken away the fear factor I had before. I don't know if the D100 has issues with either this speedlite or the 800, but the D70 TTL system is truly a joy to work with. I've been using the 600 lately as a slave, with the D70 in commander mode (where the onboard flash triggers the 600). Primarily using it with a reflector umbrella as a single light source and getting great results. Also, I'm shooting with the 600 on a flash bracket next to the camera, wireless, in the same mode and getting great results. Plus, I've borrowed other SB600s to use as fill and color effects in the same manner. The whole system is limited only by your imagination. The Creative Lighting System material that came with the SB600 was very helpful in suggesting layouts for various flash shooting situations. With the D70 and the iTTL system, I've seen the light (pun intended.) Good luck.
  4. I'm so persuaded by iTTL that I'm planning to buy an SB-800 with a D2H next week.

    For 30+ years I've been accustomed to manually guesstimating fill flash using plain old fashioned auto thyrister flashes and manual everything cameras. It'll be refreshing to not have to fidget over that anymore when I'm in a hurry, and not have to double check everything with a flashmeter.

    If the SB-800 works out as well as I'm expecting I'll probably order another. There's currently a $25 rebate on the Nikon U.S.A. version. Makes buying a second SB-800 a little less painful compared with the SB-600.
  5. The flash designed for the D100 is the SB-80DX. Granted, the D70/SB800 is considerably
    better for flash, but making that change will cost some $$$. If I were you, I'd pick up a
    used SB-80DX and shoot the D100 for another year or so, until the 12MP D200 comes out.
    The D70 isn't that much better (IMHO) to be worth the cost of upgrading.
  6. Ok, so it looks like two choices for me:

    a) Sell SB28, Buy SB80DX
    b) Sell D100, 24-85 f2.8-4 and SB28, buy D70 Kit andSB-800

    Here's my math, what do you think?

    SB80DX = $225 Used
    SB28 ~ -$150
    Total =~ $ 75 (+ shipping and e-bay charges for selling)

    D100 ~800 D70 Kit $980 (after rebate)
    SB28 ~150 SB-800 $295 (after rebate)
    24-85 2.8-4 ~400
    Subtotal: ~1350 $1275
    Total ~0 after shipping and e-bay charges

    Now the questions...
    1. which would you do given my case? I'm leaning toward b.
    2. do my ?used? prices seem realistic?
    3. (O.T.) Should I use e-bay? I've never been a seller before.

    • Thanks again,
  7. The SB 28 is not totally supportive in using it with a DSLR..I use a SB28DX on both a D70 and D100. While an SB 800 probably has more useable features in DX photography I am well pleased with the SB28DX on either camera. Save yourself some money and get you a SB28DX..I have had a number of Nikon Speedlights for a number of years. The only thing I ever had to do with one is to put a new post on them that I have carelessly broken.
  8. I don't have an answer, but another question: I have an N-90 and plan on buying a D-70. Which is the best nikon flash that I could use on both. I have a SB-28, but not sure if it will work on the D-70 with TTL,etc.?Do I lose the 28 and get something else?

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