HELP! in PS, anyone know how to change silver to gold?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by laughing buddha productions, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I am playing around with some jewelry photography. The guy I am shooting for is
    doing a line of charms in silver and gold. He has the sterling silver ones on
    hand to photograph - I am fine handling that. (I am shooting in color, 35mm
    digital, Nikon D70 with a 105mm lens in a light tent with hot and strobe.)

    He asked me if I could take those photos and convert the sterling silver to look
    like a yellow gold piece in PS. I said I thought it was possible.

    Anyone have suggestions on how to approach this in Photoshop?


  2. "open your eyes before you open your mouth."

    So I just fiddled with the Color Balance and voila - silver to gold! Just like the old alchemists tried. I moved the Yellow -Blue to -100 and the Cyan-Red to +70 and Magenta-Green to -10.
  3. Michael, You will need to play around with the Gradient Map.
    Open up the original image and start with duplicating the layer. Go to Image - Adjustments - Gradient Map. Click on the colour and select something that comes close to a gold tone.
    Next, merge layers and go to Hue/Saturation. Work with this until you are satisfied with the colour and then finish off the image with Levels and Contrast. 00Ku0T-36204084.jpg

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