Help in identifying GOLDEN DAGOR..

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  1. hello all,

    i am thinking about buying this dagor lens. its really hard to find
    information out anywhere. what i would like to know is if its a real golden
    dagor or not.

    heres what it reads on the lens: "dagor 8 1/4 in f/6.8 #779XXX C.P. Gorez am
    opt co."

    the rim is gold but looks like brass

    if not a golden dagor what is it? is it coated? thanks for all the help guys
  2. The golden or gold-rim Dagors were supposedly marketing gimmick and didn't differ in
    either layout or performance from the contemporary black-rim Dagors. If your lens is factory
    coated (produced after the serial number 770000, which your is) it is in essence a gold-rim
    Dagor, even if it doesn't have the gold-rim.
  3. Peter,

    Maybe no difference in optics but a big difference in value/price. AFAIK, all the Gold Dagors I've seen were 80XXXX or 81XXXX serials.


  4. The problem with Golden Dagors is that all it takes is some patience in removing the paint around the rim which reveals the brass and can easily be mistaken for a "Golden". Sadly I have seen this done to increase the price.
  5. The "Golden Dagor" was a way for Goerz to give a facelift to the Dagor lens and a marketing ploy. Companies do that all the time. I have a couple of these Gold Rim Dagors as well as the regular garden variety black rim Dagors. They are all good lenses with great coverage in a relatively small size. The genuine "Golden Dagor" has a gold anodized aluminum barrel not brass. The regular Dagors have a brass barrel that is painted black. So if someone has polished off the paint down to the brass it is sometimes hard to diffentiate the two. If you are in doubt ask the seller specifically and make sure the seller has a good return policy. The coated versions will command a higher price. Good luck.

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