Help! How do I open the F5

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jamie_leonhard, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. I just rented the F5, and I have no idea how to open it to load film.
    I feel like an idiot...please help.

  2. There's a small arrowed lever just in front of the rewind crank (viewing from the back of the camera). Move that lever in the direction of the arrow - clockwise to the right - while simultaneously pulling up on the rewind crank knob. The back should pop open.
  3. I rented a F5 for a trip to Beijing, China, where I visited one historic Buddhist temple in which photography was forbidden. Being one of the non-law-abiding shutter bugs, I, along with many tourists snapped away until 2 unhappy looking guards approached and demanded that we hand over the film from the camera. Everyone else did so. I claimed I didn't know how to open my F5. The guards took the F5 and turned it over and over in their hands, and couldn't figure out how to open it either. In the end they returned the F5 to me, film still intact and inside, and send me on my way.
  4. I expect your next question will be "how do I rewind the film?" Press the button on the lower right of the camera back which is under a protective flip cover. It is labeled "1". At the same time move the lever that is located on the upper left of the back below the rewind crank counter clockwise and press the button labeled "2". The film will be rewound and when it stops you can remove it.

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