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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ghiga, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. I ordered this month the Canon 75-300 USM IS in a photo-shop of my
    city. (Italy)
    But the seller says to me that this lens is NO MORE AVAILABLE FOR THE
    He says too that MAYBE it is coming a NEW MODEL.
    Have You some news about this?
    Please, I need a certain answer, to decide if I have to wait for this
    new model or to buy the 75-300 IS on web.
    Thanks to all for your help!
    Ghiga 2
  2. This sounds like a story invented by the retailer to try to persuade you you buy something else. Besides, given that Canon have already released the rediculously expensive 70-300 IS DO lens, they are extremely unlikely to consider releasing another new lens in this focal length.
  3. The lens is well over due for an update with it's archaic micro motor (lets face it, that's all a micro USM motor is, just a little more quiet) and first generation image stabilization, but to upgrade it to a true ring USM motor and current generation image stabilization would probably jack the price up to around $800 or so with no optical improvements- not a good thing. People willing to pay that much will buy a better lens.
  4. i just got mine month ago from B&H (hm, can i say that in the forums?), and yes it is
    outdated but it is great lens, one of the "Classic" ones if i might comment. I dont know do
    they ship to italy, but give it a try.
  5. Time to get a new photo store.
  6. Thank You all, friends. I wanted this lens for 3 weeks, and after the words of the seller I had the doubt about this mysterious "new" model.
    Now I will go to another seller!
  7. A new doubt:
    If You go in the America's site of Canon
    You can find the 75-300 USM IS
    But in the Europa's page
    the USM IS model is not in list, but only the USM model.
    And in the italian site
    the same. The IS model is not present.
    If I don't find the lens in another store, do You know a good web-store that ships to Italy?
    Thanks again! Ghiga2
    Their number B&H CA7030045IS
    Excellent reputation, low pricing.
  9. Thank You, Michael. Fortunately I found the lens in another store. The price is a little more expensive than on-line, but it is here immediately.

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