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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by philip_slaughter, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Someone left an M8 in my restaurant some time ago and I'm having no luck tracking them down. The case had no identification and the images they took were of no help. Looking for ideas on where to search next.
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    Not mine, but it might help if you tell us either where your restaurant is or what its name is.
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    I wonder if the exif data would show the cameras serial number and if the owner registered the product with Leica, then
    the camera company might have a record of who owns it?
  4. i agree with james. contact leica new jersey via e-mail and ask them what to do. keep us posted.
    this is a list of contacts in leica new jersey. they will help you reach the original owner.
  6. After you find the owner, you might consider posting your restaurant's name, because I am sure you will get a lot more visits from Leica users! It is really kind of you to go the extra distance to help someone out like this.
  7. Seems a little surprising they wouldn't come back or call, looking for it.
  8. Very admirable.
    Phillip is quite the Leica Angel...
  9. Philip,
    If you are having trouble contacting someone at Leica, use the "contact" link at the bottom of this page to email me and I can try and help you connect with my contacts there.
  10. Yes, very admirable of you. You might also post on Craigslist in your area (for that matter, even see if someone inquired about its whereabouts). Ask the party to identify some of the images.
  11. A very admirable quest - If I ever forget my camera Philip, I hope it is in your restaurant. And people say chivalry is dead.
  12. You could post a picture of it with the serial number in evidence. Might ring some kind of bell. Try here too
    I can't help but think the owner will be back in too.
  13. You may wish to contact your local police. The owner may not remember where he left it and has reported it lost or stolen.
  14. "You could post a picture of it with the serial number in evidence."
    A picture may be a good idea. I would however, not show the serial number.
    The "true" owner may be able to quote you the s/n, thereby identifying as his/hers.
    The original owner presumably registered it for the warranty, and Leica keeps a record of all reported lost/stolen Leicas with the s/n
  15. Mail to leica , M8 are recent and bound to be warranty registered ! In doubt send it to me ha ha ha
  16. Why would someone leave their camera and then not even bother to call to find out if someone found it... that seems odd. Maybe they just assumed it was gone at that point.
  17. Thanks for all the input. I'm going to contact Leica and see if they registered the camera.
    I know the family was from out of the country because the menu was set up in french and there were quit a few images in airports.
    I am hesitant about putting to much information up about the camera that only the rightful owner would know. Just paranoid I guess. I really want this to go back to the family that bought it.
    The restaurant is in Santa Monica, California. It is called The World Cafe. We are right on Main Street and a popular destination for tourists. If I don't have any luck with the registration number I will add some more information about the camera.
    And again thanks for the suggestions.
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    Hey, great restaurant! I ate lunch there the last time I was in Santa Monica, some locals that took me. I didn't leave my camera.
  19. as a tourist it is very difficult to remember all the places you visited, at what day and time. I'm sure he/she will go back in his/her mind over and over again. The serialnumber reg check at leica (or leica france) would be the best guess. Could be canadian too.... Hopefully it will turn out ok, let us know!
  20. Just an update.
    Brenda Olesin from Leica in New Jersey was able to track down the owner in Switzerland.
    He received the camera back this morning.
    Thanks to everyone for all the help.

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