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  1. Hi All,
    I am getting an error on my D90. Well, not an error, but unless the 22 aperture is selected on manual mode it wont take any pics. It keeps saying FEE or something? Why cant I change this and what is it from? The lens is also on Manual Mode?
  2. You need to see if the aperture ring is not closed all the way down, or if the contacts are dirty on the lens or if the lens is not all the way on.
    If you are shooting manually, and metering, with an AF lens, you STILL need to set the aperture all the way closed and use the wheels to change aperture and shutter speed.
  3. ok ,well this is a new camera so I am going to assume the lens is on correct?
    Sorry, I am a beginner, what wheels? It wont change anything!
  4. Sara,
    If you use a lens with a aperture ring, it must be set to the smallest aperture (usually f/22) and kept to that setting. So, that ring on the lens will not be used. Then you can select aperture using the front control wheel on the body (at least in A and M modes).
    Check the troubleshooting section of the manual, the error should be in there.
  5. OK, that makes sense. The issue I have been having is when I move the control wheel, nothing is changing. I will continue playing around with it.
  6. Sara, I can't link to it here, as Ken gives a lot of really insanely bad advice (in the guise of "entertainment"), but if you google "ken rockwell d90 guide" and follow the first link, his very brief D90 guide would be WAY more helpful on things like this than the manual.
  7. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    There are very good reasons that we block links to Ken Rockwell's web site. He provides a lot of bad and wrong information (sometimes on purpose, not merely being careless) and advocates planty of bad photography habits. Some people read that site as "entertainment"; if that works for you, that is fine. But plenty of newbies have no idea how to filter out the bad information; in the past a lot of them came back to this forum and asked further questions, and we wasted a lot of our time explaining to them that they were learning bad information.
    Personally I would strongly discourage people from visiting that site, even though there may be occasional useful information. Of course nobody is perfect, but there are plenty of web sites with mostly good photo info without all that nonsense.
  8. pge


    Your camera is set to change the aperture on the body by the sub-command dial up front. You can use the aperture ring on the lens if you would prefer, that is how I prefer to change aperture settings assuming of course that the lens has an aperture ring. This preference is in your settings. Unfortunately I do not have a d90 so I can`t point you to the setting, perhaps someone else can.
  9. ShunCheung

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    Phil, the D90 does not have an aperture follower tab so that using the aperture ring is not an option, even though the lens has one, unless you prefer no metering at all and all manual settings.
    The aperture ring option is only available on the higher-end DSLRs with the mechanical aperture follower tab, such as the D200, D300, D700, D2 and D3 family. Those are the same cameras that can meter with older AI/AI-S lenses that have no built-in CPUs.
  10. I have my D90 in front of me, and as Shun says, you cannot, indeed, use the aperture ring.
    However, when you go to Manual mode, the front dial operates the aperture and the rear the shutter speed. It's actually easier than using the ring imho.
  11. yes, sara, ken rockwell's guide to the D90 is one of the good ones from his site.
    that will greatly help you. you will also find it more convenient using both wheels for your full manual use. lighten up the load of your left hand ----- just cradle and zoom :)
  12. I agree and refer to Ken as the all-knowing "Chuck Norris" of the Nikon world. He knows everything, has owned everything & makes up the rest by knocking out all of his enemies with an wide brushing of BS & his overly dramatic journalistic license. Sure, I have found some interesting & even thorough reports on his site from time to time, but all-in-all, now that I know he deliberately manipulates his data, I don't trust him.
    Garbage In = Garbage Out.
  13. I had this once with a 50mm lens. Found if I installed it on any setting other than F22 it would give that error FEE when I tried to use. When installed at F22 I could then change settings without error to say F5.6 etc
    Not sure this is same problem.
  14. Sara,
    I recently bought a D90 as well and put on the 50mm 1.8D lens with aperture ring. I got the exact same error when I played with the aperture ring on the lens itself. As Stephen said above, turn the ring (on the lens) back to default setting of f22 (if it had been moved) and everything should be ok.
    Hope this helps.
  15. Hi Sara,
    In the back of the Nikon manual that came with the camera you'll find a list of possible problems and likely solutions. Don't know if the D90 has a 400+ page manual like the D300 and D700. They only look intimidating, you will find some answers on the operation of your camera there. If you don't have the manual, you can download one from Nikon USA's site. Thom Hogan sells a guide to the D90, if you think you need a guide.
    Have fun with it. And you found a great resource right here at!

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