help! can't batch processing change the file type in CS2?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by brad_farwell, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Hi folks-

    I've got a set of 500 or so 120MB .tifs, organized in folders, that I need to
    convert into smaller (change pixel dimensions, resolution, bit depth) jpegs.
    While I can do all the changes and save them as their original .tif format in
    CS2 with batch processing (selecting the overall folder and having it process
    all the subfolders), I can't figure out how to use batch processing to have it
    save the things as .jpegs (the desired result would be that I end up with each
    subfolder having two copies of the file, one the original .tif and one the
    smaller .jpeg)

    The computer wants to save them all to some other folder (the folder I saved
    things to when I recorded the initial action) so that I end up with all 500
    jpegs in that folder, totally unorganized.

    I'm hoping there's some secret here that I'm missing, a step where I just tell
    it "save as .jpeg with compression" somehow, because otherwise it's going to be
    a long evening.

    thanks in advance,

  2. in the actions pallete.......change the "save to" location
  3. Hate to be daft, but I'm not sure how to do that. In my listing of actions, I have my recorded actions, as follows- Convert Mode Image Size Save [I'm showing it expanded below] -As: JPEG -Quality: 10 -Matte: None -In BRADFARWELL:pegOlin_0717:Testy: -With Lower Case Close (I've also attached a screengrab of that portion of the menu) I don't see where I can alter the "save to" location, as clicking on these various things doesn't do anything, and I don't see any related items in the menu attached to the pallette. ??
  4. Open Bridge and choose a folder, go Tools > Photoshop > Image processor and choose
    file type(s) to convert to (and if you chjoose jpeg then choose compression level (Quality),
    and either keep at the original h
    x w dimension or choose H x W dimensions in the "Fit to Size" option) and if you desire,
    the convert Profile to sRGB option) and check the include ICC Profile. also if you haven't
    added your copyright info to your meta-data you can do this here to.

    Image Processor can also be found directly in PsCS2; go File > Scripts > Image Processor.

    To make sure you are doing this right, I suggest you set up a small test folder to convert
    first. first.
  5. Ah, excellent. I knew there had to be a way.

    Many Thanks!

  6. Well, after doing some tests, it's better but not perfect; I'd probably need to get a 3rd party program to do what I'm looking for. The script option is the easiest, but it doesn't allow me to process subfolders, and putting the script in an Action doesn't help either, as it still requires me to hit return once per file.

    However, I'll take what I can get, and this is certainly easier than doing it file by file. Thanks for the responses.
  7. double click "In BRADFARWELL:pegOlin_0717:Testy:" and it will let you change the folder you
    want to save to
  8. > double click "In BRADFARWELL:pegOlin_0717:Testy:" and it will let you > change the folder you want to save to.

    Unfortunately, it simply attempts to execute the "Save" step whenever I try that. Also, my goal was to have it save the new jpeg where the original file is located, rather than my having to type in a new location each time.

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