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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by irene_iskandar, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. i'm buying a rolleiflex outside my city and all i have is some of not-so-good-quality pictures.
    the owner said it's a mint 2.8f rolleiflex with sn# 2474182 with carl zeiss lens.
    i'm not an expert in rolleiflex models. i need to know whether it's good based on the picture since i can't visit the owner.
    i'd like to know if this is a whiteface and whether based on only the pictures below it's mint enough.
    there's no lens and strap for the camera. but he still have the leather case.
  2. Well, it certainly looks in good shape, maybe even mint condition, but that doesn't mean it is in good operating condition. Ask the seller if the shutter and meter actually work and are accurate or if it's ever had a CLA (any mechanical camera can develop problems if it has sat unused for a long time).
  3. It does look to be in good shape overall, but it is by no means "Mint" in anybody's lexicon. Note the paint loss at 2 o'clock on the escutcheopn under the film advance crank. This is a good indication the camea has been through a lot of film. That doesn't mean it isn't sound, but it sure ain't mint.
    Like Mike says, I would want assurance the shutter and wind mechanisms are functioning to spec or at least okay. What is the seller's return policy?
  4. apologize for posting this on a wrong thread. i made a same post on the medium format thread.
    i will respond to the replies. and continue to discuss on the link above.
    the seller doesn't understand how to operate this camera. and it's not his either. he said it belongs to his friend (who apparently doesn't know how to use internet or even a cell phone)
    for 400usd do you think i should get it? despite whatever the worst case is?
    i thought the color is supposed to be white on the 2 oclock above the crank ?
  5. SCL


    I would be really reluctant to buy a camera like this from a third party who doesn't know diddly about the camera yet is making representations about its condition. Under those circumstances, if you can't go and inspect it yourself, you're putting your money at risk, in my opinion.
  6. After years of buying cameras on ebay, I've gotten pretty good at evaluating bad photos.
    It definitely is not mint. The leatherette is peeling at the edges, it looks dirty. These old cameras are pretty reliable, the shutter are well made and durable. However, it will most likely need an overhaul, which is not cheap. But you may get lucky and it may work perfectly. If the seller gives no indication of operational condition, I'd stay away from it.
    By the way, the white on the front is an add on diffuser for the light meter.
  7. For $400 I would buy it. It looks to be in EX condition. You could send it to either Harry Fleenor or Paul Ebel for a nice clean, lube and adjustment. I'd say that would cost you less than $200. Then, you'd have a very nice Rolleiflex that will last you a decade or so before it may need another CLA.
  8. i just spoke with the owner by phone. the owner seems to know better.
    he said the only thing doesn't work is the lightmeter.
  9. For $400.00, grab it before he changes his mind! Even if it needs a CLA, the cost of this will still mean that you have a very valuable camera. Cosmetic touches are no real problem, so long as the lens has no fungus or scratches etc, and you won't know this until you have the camera in hand. The white diffuser on the meter is usually missing from most Rolleis, could be an indication that it has been well looked after.
  10. i told someone to get the rollei for me. should get it by this week. wish me luck!
    no fungus and scratches as far as i concern. i hope there will be no surprises. :)
  11. Sounds Sweet!! Hope it'S as good as it sounds.. please let us know!! Post Pics!! ie Results
  12. I think a lot of folks would have shot you if you did not get that Rolleiflex at that price:
  13. @chuck
    i will!! it'll be on my hand in 2 days the soonest!
    lol! i get these "don't be hasty" advices from people on getting the rolleiflex.. but i just can't help being hasty this time...
  14. finally got the rollei on my hand.
    the cosmetic is good. the lens is clear if you see it from outside. but there's definitely some fungus in it. i hope i can get a good service place to clean the fungus.
    the lens looks clear from outside
    check out the fungus!!! the white dots are dusts i think.. i didn't want to insert my cleaning brush pen inside.

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