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  1. i'm buying a rolleiflex outside my city and all i have is some of not-so-good-quality pictures.
    the owner said it's a mint 2.8f rolleiflex with sn# 2474182 with carl zeiss lens.
    i'm not an expert in rolleiflex models. i need to know whether it's good based on the picture since i can't visit the owner.
    i'd like to know if this is a whiteface and whether based on only the pictures below it's mint enough.
    there's no lens and strap for the camera. but he still have the leather case.
  2. Judging from these photos, and owning one myself, I don't judge this camera to be mint. It looks as though there are some issues with the leatherette. I would also like to see what shape the case is in. Whenever buying a camera sight unseen, I also like to see good quality photographs of the glass to ensure it's in good shape. Also, the lower shutter speeds on these cameras often get off by a good bit with age. It's nothing that cannot be adjusted, however.
    Write this guy and see if he can get someone who knows what they are doing to re-photograph it. Based on these photos, personally I would have some reservations
  3. It's not a good idea to post the exact same post on two different forums. People may want to post responses at the original post (link)
  4. @ scott
    i have someone who can get it for me tomorrow but she's doesn't know anything about cameras. the guy offers 400 usd and he seems like doesnt understand camera as well. i asked him what's the type and he didn't even know what to answer until i mentioned whether it's 2.8f or 3.5f. with 7 digit serial number.
    at any condition. the worst repair problem. how much do you think it'll cost?
    i realized i put the earlier post at the wrong thread. i want to delete it but i don't know how.
    apology for the double post.
  5. $400 for a 2.8f is a good price even if you have to fix it.
  6. That is arguably the top model ever produced with the Whiteface and the 12/24 switch and the Zeiss lens. If it was mint in ebay right now it would be going over 2 thousand. Unfortunately the pictures are too blurry to tell much of anything about condition. The small more clear picture looks pretty good and at least the lens looks clear. If it has a good clean unscratched lens and the camera hasn't been dropped it should be a good deal at 400. You could spend another 450 on it getting it completely overhauled and still come out well ahead of the ebay value depending on the condition of the lenses and the straightness of the body. It looks pretty straight to me.
    Ask the seller to open the back and hold the shutter open in B and look through the lens for issues.
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    Good grief, $400 for a 2.8F in mint or even good condition is a steal. The seller either really doesn't know what he has or you're about to get a 2.8F that needs a lot of work. You might ask for the right to return it for a refund if it is not as described. Also pay with a credit card if possible.
  8. thanks for the response guys.
    i'm pretty much gambling with the pictures i've got. and i don't know why there's no picture of the bottom and the back view.
    i know that whiteface is over than 2000 in ebay. that's why i'm excited about it. but at the same time i'm worried that it'll cost a lot to repair if it turned out to be in a mess. it's not possible to pay with a credit card. i can only wish that the seller is being honest.
  9. i just spoke with the owner by phone. the owner seems to know better.
    he said the only thing doesn't work is the lightmeter.
  10. How can anyone tell by looking at the pictures that it is a whiteface model with 120/220 capability? It looks just like my 2.8F Type I, which isn't a whiteface and is not 220 capable? I agree the price is very reasonable, depending on condition.
  11. You can see that it is a whiteface with the 12/24 button if you look at the pictures.
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    Let us know how it turns out -- you've tweaked my curiosity.
  13. same here! i will receive the rollei in 2 days the soonest. can't wait!
  14. No problem. Next time a slower but better way is to ask the moderator (a moderator) to move the post.
  15. finally got the rollei on my hand.
    the cosmetic is good. the lens is clear if you see it from outside. but there's definitely some fungus in it. i hope i can get a good service place to clean the fungus.
    the lens looks clear from outside
    check out the fungus!!! the white dots are dusts i think.. i didn't want to insert my cleaning brush pen inside.
  16. Damn! Well it was cheap for a reason I guess. The extent of the fungus does not look enough to ruin the optical quality of the lens yet. If you can get it cleaned and stop it from growing it will still be a great camera.
    In the picture showing the front of the lens I don't see anything. Perhaps it is all on the rear element behind the aperture. I believe that can come out, with the right tool. I see other evidence that the camera has been stored in a damp place with a corrosion bump starting to show under the leather and around the edges. All that can be cleaned up and the camera can be stored in a dry place. I think it is potentially a really good camera if you find the right person to help you clean it up and put it right.

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