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  1. I am new to this forum. I have uploaded the compulsory 5 but have yet to understand how and when more posting will be available to me. Do I get a message?
    Also I am posting this for the sake of seeing if I am allowed to post anything yet.
    At one time in my life I had more time to devote to photography but as life goes on there are always other tasks and fires to fight.
    My main activity for quite a few years now is camping and when I have the opportunity, I do take some shots for which I will post when the posting time comes. Before the digital age I used 35mm film with older Nikons such as the old F and the Nikkortmat ftn. So I may post scanned shots from that equipment as well. My main camera is a Canon SX10IS. It is an ok digital camera I chose because I did not want to be overloaded with equipment but the trade off is sacrificing quality for mobility. The less time I spend shooting the less I can justify the expense and at this time with the shift to mirrorless selection is more difficult. Time will tell what my next step will be but I am looking forward to this summer with anticipation capturing some nice landscapes. In between time I will be checking out this site for some ideas as to seeing with a different perspective.
    I look forward to reading and sharing with all of you.
    note: my profile pic is a shot I took VERY long ago of my self in a mirror. That old Rolleflex is long gone but I have fond memories of that camera.
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    Your membership account seems OK and I believe that you do NOT get a message in that regard.
    It is easy to get caught up in buy new gear for the sake of buying new gear: if your Powershot is providing satisfaction and records the images that you want, then continue using it. I think that the key aspect to not lose sight of is - to be getting out there and plan, think about and make Photos which please you.


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