Hello,some pics shot by my minox A,thanks

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  1. I am a minox 8x11mm fans,and shot many pics with my minox a.I split B&W and color film,and develop them with minox tank, usually print some photo at minox model II enlarger.I am glad to share some experience with every friends.
    welcome to visit my album http://www.flickr.com/photos/minoxfans
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  2. hangkong
  3. victoria bay,hongkong,
  4. night,hongkong
  5. same,at victoria park
  6. e'mei ,sichuan,china
  7. e'mei,sichuan,china
  8. jiuzhaigou,sichuan,china
  9. Very cool. Are all of these posted images scans of prints you have made yourself?
  10. 2,jiuzhaigou,sichuan,china
  11. jiuzhaigou,
  12. WuZhen,ZheJiang,CHINA,22th,Nov,2008
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  13. wuzhen,zhejiang,china
  14. wuzhen,zhejiang,china
  15. wuzhen,too
  16. tree,subway plaza,shanghai,china,1st,May,2009
  17. girl,subway plaza,shanghai,china,1st,May,2009
  18. Matthew McManamey , Jan 12, 2010; 10:22 a.m.
    Very cool. Are all of these posted images scans of prints you have made yourself?
    thank you.
    all of these pics is copy by DC from my minox film for I still not get one scanner.
    I prefer to print some pictures at darkroom at my minox enlarger model II.in order to communication with friends, I have to transform the film to digital pics.
  19. jack, fine work here and thanks for sharing. its always nice to see pictures taken with out of the norm equipment. do post some pictures of your little minox itself!
    i think the black and white suits your style of photography the best and a few of the pictures are rather nice. the colours were not to my taste i am afraid! sorry.
  20. Starvy,thank you .I also prefer shot with B&W film,especially microfilm,it has great grains and high resolving power over 600lp/mm,can print 12 inchs photo at minox enlarger from microfilm.
    the color is really not as good as b&w,I also just wanna tast it,so shot several rolls,hoho
  21. Jack, amazing work with your little classic. I play around with Minolta and Mamiya 16mm cameras but I've never came up with prints as clean and sharp as that. Mostly shoot Kodak 16mm single perf negative film in them, Plus-X and Double-X and the grain keeps me to 5X7 print sizes.
  22. john,usually,the resolving power of common lens and negative is about 100lp/mm, so it hard to get big pictures from general mini camera.
    (1)minox 8x11 F3.5/15mm complan lens has over 360lp/mm resolving power,
    (2)kodak microfilm has ultrahigh resolving power,imagelink FS(630lp/mm,ISO80),HQ(800lp/mm,ISO20),
    (3)minox enlarger is fitted the same lens as minox camera's,so the enlarging lens also has over 360lp/mm resolving power.
    for all of about 3 reasons,it is easy to make big photo from minox 8x11.I ever used minolta 16 and kiev 30,their lens do not have so high resolving power.
  23. Impressive! I thank you for taking the time to share your passion. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. I visited China in 2003 and 2007 and took many photos along the way with my Minox III and an LX but I prefer the IIIs. Thank you again, I hope to see more of your work here.
  24. Robert,thanks,I am also more like IIIS, it is so small,just like a lighter.wish to visit china again.
  25. shot last week
  26. continue
  27. east asia hotel
  28. Jack, excellent photos, you have very good skill, it is hard to get good picture from microfilm without scratches and dust. All you Minox photos here and on flickr have good tonal gradation and free of dust and scratches.
  29. Martin,thanks.your minox album is very great,I saw it about several years ago,then I falled in love with minox subminiatures.I enjoy shooting by my minox A & microfilm,it can gets nearly as same high resovling power picture as 35mm's.
  30. Wow! I am amazed at the details of your pix! You are a good photographer!
  31. Wow! I am amazed at the details of your pix! You are a good photographer!

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