Hello, people! Subscription is not working, no answers from support in a week!

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by unc0nn3cted, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Paypal checkout has become unavailable. Since last Monday. No answers from
    support, whats wrong? I thought it is a pay-site, where customers are treated
    good and not ignored.
  2. Nothing much of anything happening until the World Cup is concluded!
  3. allez les bleus !
  4. Yes, Go France! (and 3 extra exclamation points, that the board Czars won't let me show)
  5. Are we going to see more of that awful "France World Champions" wine that was around a few years ago?
  6. God, I hope not! Though there is a glut of wine in France--good stuff at that.
  7. can you explain where in the process things are failing?
  8. I select Paypal icon on the subscription page, press Continue, then enter my Paypal Login\Password, I select payment option and press Continue Checkout, then it redirects me to photo net and shows that message:

    You have now approved the payment through your PayPal account, but the payment is not yet complete. When you click the button below, the transaction will be completed and your PayPal account will be charged US$ 25.00.

    After that I press Charge My Paypal Account and after Please wait I get

    PayPal Express Checkout Unavailable
    PayPal Express Checkout has become unavailable. Even though you authorized the charge against your account earlier, the transaction has not completed. Your PayPal account has not been charged, but your purchase in not completed. If you backup with your browser, and click the button again, the problem at PayPal may have cleared up. If it does not, then you should try again later. If the problem persists, please let us know via the Site Feedback Forum, or the Contact Us page.

    And nothing more for 10 days already. Back\Repeat doesn't work....

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