Hello from Virginia Beach

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by lee_w|2, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Lee here, like many new members I have been reading photo.net for a long time and like the topics and conversation just deciding today to start contributing. I don't call myself a photographer but rather a hunter who traded in firearms for a camera. I live on a salt water tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, in fact only 40' from the water. Therefore my K20D is usually mounted to a A*400/2.8 plus Pentax 2xL rear converter and sits on the big tripod pointed out the usually open patio door.
    A computer geek by trade and hobby, I no longer work, so every morning starts off with coffee and 800mm/f5.6 of Pentax goodness looking up and down the water and banks for something I have not shot more than 100 times! In addition I have an assortment of old primes, old and new zooms and accessories that gather dust while the da*300 + 1.7x TC (for walking) and the A*400/2.8 (for sitting at home) do all the work.
    Thanks for having me. I will be a good neighbor and hope I can help others as I have been helped.
  2. A big welcome from "Down Under" to you. I like the sound of your habitat and your breakfast ritual..... would imagine you have some great shots, I look forward to seeing them on PN

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