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  1. Hi, my name is Linda Dow Hayes from Rochester, NY and I'm pretty new to the forum. I just established my portrait photography business here in Upstate NY about a year and a half ago. I shoot portraits of children, families and high school seniors. No weddings thank you. I originally grew up in New Hampshire, went to school in Ithaca, NY for photography and have worked at a few newspapers before taking a break to raise my family. It's been quite a transition from analog to digital and there's so much more to learn that sometimes I think my head will explode! I know that Photo Net will be a huge help to me as I grow with my business and improve my photography. I'm just getting ready to publish my website, but don't feel ready to share my work yet. Gotta get the courage up, because some of the members images blow me away! Looking forward to communicating with everyone. See ya!
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    Hello Linda,
    Welcome to PN and good luck in your business :)
  3. Welcome, the weekly thread posted as 'Nikon Wednesday Pic' has lots of great shots!
  4. The digital Darkroom forum is a great resource for digital processing questions.
    Welcome to photo.net!

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