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  1. hi photo friends,

    Just introducing myself - my name is j.t., I'm a New Orleans based photographer who likes to play around with old film cameras on my free time/outside of work. Use an old Bronica and recently have been trying to get my grandfather's old polaroid 800 working (without luck so far). Kind of a sentimental project to get it working again. Joined the forum hoping I might find someone who also has the same camera or knows a thing or two about repairing the shutter because there sure isn't much available online for the old mechanical shutter assemblies!

    anyways, nice to meet y'all
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

  3. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    Hi :)

    It might be worth asking on the forum of mflenses.com if no-one can help you here.
  4. hi back! i'll look into that, thank you!
  5. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA


    I'm from New Orleans too. My wife and I got flooded out by Katrina, and we now live 200 miles away in St. Joseph, La. I'm hoping we can move to Baton Rouge next year so I won't have such a long (4 hours) drive to Metairie to visit my wife's sister.

    Anyhow, welcome!
  6. hi Vincent -

    you should move back! i say that but who knows when the next one is going to be you know?

    nice to meet ya!

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