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  1. Been using Foma 100 to exercise my old Zeiss Maximar 207/7 because it's the only film I can get in the US in 9x12cm. Also been using Arista Ultra 200 in 120 in a Zeiss Ercona 6x9cm. One thing I like about them is that they dry very nice and flat. 77_Lake_Fairfax-0478.jpg
  2. Interesting examples.
    In metric sizes for old cameras FOMA is an exception, they can deliver 9x12cm. If you need special things you can even order on their own web shop. However outside Europe the transport costs are getting huge plus the extra import duties which can make a product expensive.
  3. Hi Paul,
    Here is a shot of Treeferns and Mountain Ash in the Dandenong Ranges National Parki. It was taken when their was a light fog/mist. I used Fomapan 100 4x5in with my 300mm process lens at f90 @ 15mins.

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