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  1. I am using Arista edu 100 iso (rebadged fomapan) 4x5 film because it is economical. Please see attached image and technique used:


    I took these Dandelion Seeds with my 4x5inch view camera at 10x using a reversed 50mm f/1.4 minolta lens on about 500mm of bellows extension the marked aperture was f/16 giving an effective aperture of f/176. The resolution does not equal a stacked digital equivalent but the scanned black and white negative @3200dpi gives an image that will print to 130x100cm @300dpi. Plus it has the film look which I still appreciate. The film that I use is the economical Arista edu 100 iso (rebadged fomapan a classic czech film dating from the 1920s developed in dilute rodinal).

    Long live film,
    Peter Kinchington (peterk.2ya.com)
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  2. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    im also a fan of arista 100 in 4x5 and fomapan 100 in 9x12. ive heard complaints about these films but from my experiance with them.. nothing but praise!

    one thing i do is a 2min pre wash the antihalation green layer off. im sure it has no effect on the developer except make it green.

    arista 100 4x5 in tmax dev 6min.... specs are from my scanner

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  3. Hi Paul,
    Nice shot. I use stand development and don't use a pre-wash and yes the developer solution turns green but I only use it as a one shot.
    Cheers Peter (Kanga)
  4. Hi again Paul,
    If you would like to know in more detail how and why I took this photograph please go to here.
    Cheers Peter (Kanga)
  5. Diafine instructions tell you not to worry about any color in the developer. Mine tends to turn pink, but green is also possible.

    It doesn't take much dye to make it look pretty.
  6. Your photo looks good.

    I bought a box of this last year when I got started in 4x5 due to the VERY attractive price, but I passed it up and jumped in with FP4+. It's still sitting in my freezer unopened(while I'm on my second box of FP4).

    Still, though, your post is a good reminder that I have it-I'll crack it open when the weather gets a bit better.
  7. Hi Glen,
    Yes - a bit of colour in the darkroom!
    Cheers Peter
  8. Hi Ben,
    I find that if I stick with a film in this case fomapan 100 (arista edu 100) and learn its characteristics that is more important than switching films for relatively minor differences (although I do like Ilford panf 50 and tmax100 in 120 roll film and 35mm format). When Kodachrome was around I used it almost exclusively for all my colour nature work with 35mm format and got to know it characteristics well - I will see how fuji velvia 100 works in large format and learn its characteristics for colour work. If you want to see how I correct for exposure in photomacrography work for fomapan 100 you can see this in my recent article for View Camera Australia.
    Bye for now,
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  9. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    I agree Peter, sticking to one film allowed me to tailor my negatives much easier. I haven't shot 4x5 or 9x12 in almost 40 years. One day I just got an itch so I pulled it all out of the closet. Gotta say I am having a blast with these cameras.I enjoy the slow down. When I do take my RB out, I feel like I have way too much film left.

    BUT for 120 I love my TMY-400 in my RB67 or ETRS. I stopped using the RB and rekindled a love for my ETRS.

    TMY 120 ETRS 150mm dev tmax N

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  10. Maidan, Kiev 2017. Fomapan 400 E.I. 400 in Diafine 3+3.


    6x7 roll film. And indeed the A.H. from this film is Green.
  11. Great shot - who was the memorial commemorating! My wife has a Ukranian background.
    Cheers Peter
  12. Well the people who have been shot under Janokovic.
    My wife is from Ukraine, Mykolaiv, Black Sea area. It is terrible what happened the last years with Ukraine and of course flight MH-17 who has been shot by a Russian BUK rocket and where so many people from the Netherlands died for nothing. So you can imagine Robert from the Netherlands is not a big fan of Putin. We have our own cemetery and memorial in Holland. The whole road from the metro station to the centre of Kiev is one big memoral place:


    Same film and camera: Cosina Voigtländer Bessa III 667.
  13. OK, what's the best development procedure for this film? Going to try it in my Graflex SLR.
  14. http://foma-cz.cs4.cstech.cz/en/fomapan-400

    Which shows in a regular D76-ID11 developer the films has an E.I. of 200-250 only.
    Only in Diafine 3+3 I will get around that iso 400 or in the Foma reference developer, iso 320. I am using Fomapan films since ..... 1997.
  15. And here an example of the Fomapan 200. An interesting emulsion, a mix between regular cubical silver crystals and hexagonal silver crystals, Foma is the only manufacturer who has this.

    Two 35mm examples of FP200, made in Prague, Czech Republic. M7 (Leica) and the F/2,8-28mm Elmarit with Yellow filter.



    Developed in R09/Rodinal 1+50, a para-amino phenol developer. You will loose film speed with any para-amino phenol developer, in general 2/3F stop and also this FP200 is normally not going over iso 160, here E.I. 100 apart from the filter compensation which made it just possible to make the picture with this great range finder camera for traveling. The pics are sharp but the grain is visible especially in the clouds, 35mm .....
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  16. Hi Robert,
    Australians were also killed in the missile attack on flight MH-17.
    Regards Peter
  17. 24mm-foma-200-5-copy.jpg Though Tmax 100 and Tri-x have been my go to films for a while I have been really enjoying Foma 200 in 35mm. Really nice tones and grain is about what I would expect from Tri-X which I usually expose at 200. Development as crazy as it sounds is 45minute stand in Tmax developer. When I found the 1-32 ratio of developer to water was one capful it makes it really easy. I have been getting full speed of 200 when using this method.
  18. 24mm-foma-200-3-copy.jpg
    one more.

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