Hello Everyone!

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I have been following PN for many years (20?) and joined with the free account in 2015. I finally upgraded to a premium account a couple of days ago. I can say that I have tried to photograph many different types of subjects, but my weakest skills are in photographing people. ☹

    Currently, I am going through my pictures going back to the 1960’s, but many of my old negatives and slides are lost leaving me with so-so scans of my old work. These days I am working with my Canon 5DMIII and an older Canon 40D trying desperately to get out and about more often during the corona virus lockdowns. .

    I have much to learn about photography from snapping the photo to good post processing.

    That said, I look forward to sharing my work with you as well as enjoying your work and learning through PN.

    Best wishes to all!

    Mick Simpson
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  2. Welcome.

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