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  1. Hello,
    I am an IT engineer from Italy with the passion for photography, I'm not that good, but I like to take pictures and I hope to improve and to learn new things reading this forum.
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  2. You're in the right place "if you're tough enough" ;)
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  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Don't put the poor beggar off !! All you need is a bizarre sense of humour, and skin like a Rhinoceros.:):):rolleyes:
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  4. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... I have the sense of
    humor of a rhinoceros and
    bizarre skin...
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  5. Welcome, Luigi! PN has a number of resources that will help your photography grow and improve. Initially, I suggest you looks at the various threads in the No Words forum, since the photographers who post on it regularly are quite good at what they do. See the link below. It will take you to to the current list of new threads.

    No Words
  6. Hi @luigicaradonna, and welcome to Photonet!

    I very much hope that you will learn much from your membership!

    Each member responds in his/her own way. I've been a member of Photonet for many months and I have no reason to believe that new members need to have a 'tough skin'. In my experience, the opposite is true,. My experience has been that members have been very welcoming and helpful whenever I have any 'beginners' questions.

    @michaellinder's reference to the 'No Words' forum is useful. This forum consists of posted photos on ever-changing topics. Some of which may interest you. There is also an 'Explore' function through which you can explore the most recently uploaded photos by members. You can also filter photos by category.

    My personal experience at Photo.net is that the forum is great. Members are experts in photography and are very helpful in encouraging new/beginning photographers to develop.

    If you're looking for example photos and 'best practices' then other sites such as 500px and Flickr are IHMO better

    QUOTE="luigicaradonna, post: 5766565, member: 10981682"]Hello,
    I am an IT engineer from Italy with the passion for photography, I'm not that good, but I like to take pictures and I hope to improve and to learn new things reading this forum.[/QUOTE]
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  7. :D:D
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  8. "Let's do the Time Warp again!"
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  10. @tycin; It's here:


  11. Welcome. If you're hoping to learn new things and improve, one thing you might try is finding a few photographers whose work you like and seems to have something about it that's hard for you to replicate or get to and message them or write a comment on one of their photos. Ask questions, start a personal dialogue. The most I've learned here and what's added to my own improvement over the years are direct one-on-one interactions in the critique section. "Critique" can be a misleading terms because it can just mean back and forth sharing or ideas on photos and talk about motivations and ways of accomplishing things. And it's often photo specific. Be warned that this section of the site is not nearly as active as it used to be, but you'll find some still engaging people there, willing to share their work and talk specifically about it. Don't hesitate to comment on photos even if you see yourself as a beginner or "not as good." People appreciate hearing feedback. It doesn't have to be about "good" or "bad." It can just be your impressions of a photo or even just why you like it, if you don't feel qualified to criticize it. The more you engage with others directly, the more likely you are to receive some comments in return on your own work. Those more personal relationships can be invaluable and can reduce some of the background noise inevitably present on most Internet sites.

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