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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Jack Halos, I was born in New York. Because of the College, I moved to London. My passion for photography was born when I was 15 years old. And since then I’ve been constantly trying to take amazing photos. Here I seek some good things to improve my skill or help others. Which type of photo do you like to take?
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    Hi. Welcome aboard.

    Hmm... I try to provide
    some comic relief...
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  3. Hi Jack, and a hearty welcome from me to Photonet!

    I was born and brought up in a small village in Wales. Before going on to study and work in England and NL, I visited NY with a friend at the age of 18. who had family there. It was our first time flying and travelling abroad. This visit changed my life.

    I went on to study in England and I lived and worked in London for a few years before moving to the Netherlands, where I've lived for the last 40+ years. I have fond memories of both NY and London.

    My photography preference is most definitely "people": on the street, at events or in informal portraits.

  4. Jack London certainly provides ample opportunities for photographs of every genre. Although I produce abstracts mainly, my other loves are architectural and street work.

    I wish you a hearty welcome to PN. Let's see some of your photos!

    My best always, michael

    PS Mike and I join others in participating in a Postprocessing Challenge. Several PN members post an image each week. The objects of this exercise is to compare versions of the posted challenge image and to learn from each other. One of the guidelines is that each participant identifies the software used and the steps taken.

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