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  1. New member from the UK here.
    I'm a total beginner with regards to equipment and whatnot, and I'm considering a first purchase so have read the various articles about ideal entry-level cameras, so I was just wondering what forum users would recommend for me.
    I'm looking to be able to take pictures with blurred backgrounds, and have read up on the basics of how that effect is achieved etc, but would like to know if it's possible on my current budget.
    I have £600-700 to spend and would greatly appreciate any advice.
    Peter :)
  2. Welcome to PN. The important thing to achieve the backgrounds you want is to use the right lens. For your budget, a good starting point would be an entry-level SLR with an 85/1.8. Either Nikon or Canon will do. Understand that you will need a fair amount of working room between yourself and the subject(s), and that a lens like that (neither Nikon nor Canon have VR/IS in that focal length) is hard to handhold below 1/125th sec shutter speed and still obtain sharp results.
  3. Welcome to PN. There are tons of past discussions on this subject in the forums, so if you're willing to do a little searching, you should be able to make an informed decision. Try to narrow down the type photography you are most interested in and then proceed.
  4. Thanks for the replies :)

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