Heliopan lens hood and filters able to be used simultaneously on Rollei 2.8C

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by peter_maxfield, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. This one is probably a no-brainer to every Rolleiflex user but me but after
    reading pertinent threads I'm still not completely certain if I will be able to use
    a Heliopan lens hood and basic filters at the same time on my Rollei 2.8C
    (Bay III). Just a yea or nay will cover me here. And if anyone would comment
    on the sharper image with a lens hood vs. no lens hood I would be curious to
    hear an opinion. I've been using my hand, hat etc. to reduce flare and it
    seems, subjectively, (as I have nothing to compare it to) to be working fine. I
    detect no flaring and the images are perfectly sharp. A sincere thank you to all
  2. The standard Rollei lens shade will fit over a standard Bay III filter. Dunno 'bout the Heliopan lens shade.

    Yup, a lens shade helps prevent flare. The Rollei lens is a bit flare-prone and the standard shade is only marginally effective in difficult side lighting, but it's better than nothing.
  3. Lex is right, the Planar is quite flare-prone and a lens shade will improve the performance in a noticable way only in difficult lightning.
    All filters use the inner Bay III mount as do the Heliopan shades (at least the soft shades), while the standard fixed Rollei shades use the outer bayonet. So when you are looking for a shade to go with filters the Rollei shade is the one to go for. The Heliopan is nice for easier packing, but the Rollei offers additional protection for the front element. That would be my main reason for using the shade (plus it looks just more professional ...).
  4. I have investigated hoods for the Rolleiflex and hope I can be of some help. I don't know whether the Helipan fits directly on the Rollei outer bayonet. I suspect that only the Rollei hood does this. The bespoke Rollei Bay II/III, hoods are great and, as has been said, fit the outer bayonet whilst the Rollei filters fit the inner. With this system the hinged lenscap will not sit properly and the Rollei filters and hoods can be rather expensive. But if the Heliopan is analogous to the Rollei hood then yes, what you suggest will work. I now use adapters that fit the inner bayonet and allow generic 46mm filters to be used (if needed) and a metal lenshood from a TLR Mamiya (or any other 46 mm hood). The Mamiya hood is equally as well made as the Rollei hoods, but overall, the adapter system is more versatile. I don't have links for the adapters in the USA, I use a UK company (www.srbfilm.co.uk), just in case you want to take a look.

  5. The "new" rubber lens hood made by Heliopan for Bayonet III fits the innner bayonet. You can stack it upon another heliopan bayo III filter.

    I find the solution of using a classical Rollei hood on the outer bayonet more convenient than stacking the hood upon a filter. Heliopan filters are designed to fit the corresponding Rollei hood for the outer bayonet. There is even a heliopan adaptor from bayo III to 40.5mm allowing the use
    of a threaded 40.5mm filter on the Rollei hood. To the best of my knowledge as of 2003
    there is no independant manufacturer of Rollei hoods for outer bayonets, but the stock of second hand hoods in (I, II and III) is immense. New rollei hoods are available in size III and, very recently, in size IV for the brand-new Rolleiwide.
  6. It's an old thread, I know but I will bump it for the sake of keeping all Rolleiflex filter / hood related info here.

    How about this "twist": a bay III heliopan UV filter + original bay III rubber hood AND a closed rolleiflex ever ready case. Will the front cover close?

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