Heads Up on This Guy Selling 120 Format Kodak Color EIR

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  1. Hello, I would be remiss if not to report my recent bad experience with this person selling Kodak EIR Color Infrared from his online website.
    First, I have purchased from him in 2009 and did receive product after about 2 weeks.
    However, about a year ago he announced a "last batch type scenario and sold that off, so I was happy to see this March that he had come up (somewhere?) with a 2011 Expiry batch of this stuff in March and was rolling 700 rolls at $33/$30 bulk a roll.
    So I asked him if this 2011 batch was fresh and what it looked like. He sent email reply that it "looked beautiful".
    With that reassurance 6 weeks ago I ponied up $600+ via Paypal. 2 or 3 weeks later I sent him email inquiry as to when he expected to ship out - as this film is heat sensitive and I didn't want it sitting in my PO box. He replied that he "would let me know, I don't actually have the film yet." (WTF? - he told me that this 2011 batch is "beautiful." but he doesn't actually have it to know if it is heat damaged or other?...
    About 2 or 3 weeks went by and still no shipping timetable estimate, so after about 6 weeks I requested a refund because I was tired of checking my PO box every day in next city over for the heat sensitive EIR.
    He replied, "sure I'll send you a refund via Paypal now". But of course he dallied on that too so I put in a "dispute" with Paypal as a paper trail. PayPal has timetable for filing such disputes which was approaching in this case.
    Since he still refused to ship me the roll I paid for (or didn't have them to ship?), Paypal forced him to refund my money by locking up his account in the meantime.
    Only then did he start to communicate with me timely, and in the end Paypal refunded the money from his account and the man then got verbally abusive - demonstrating his complete lack of professionalism.
    In the end, I never saw proof the he actually has the rare and discontinued film yet to this day. There are a few questions in my mind about this man's customer service too.
    So I need to share it with community because as the saying goes: Caveat Emptor.
  2. Is it profitable to set up a scam for this little money? Perhaps he did lie and was awaiting stock that never materialised?
  3. Even if so, he should wait until he had the item in his hand before offering it for sale.
  4. Caveat emptor, indeed. Suspect as film variety narrows, this sort of scam will spread. Outrageous pricing and long past stale date and poorly-stored film seem to be getting more common on craigslist and kijiji. In other cases, buck-a-roll deals encourage large purchases of what can be utter crap. Higher prices on fresh film make things easier for the crooks along with nostalgia for discontinued emulsions.
  5. The good news is that Paypal, with all of its annoyances, does seem to come through in these kinds of cases where the vendor either doesn't deliver or mis-represents, whether meaning to or not.
  6. I have a dispute with an eBay seller over a much lower amount. The seller has gone off the radar. Paypal told me that the 45 day limit has been passed for me to get the refund from paypal. The seller in question never sent me a tracking number and claimed, before disappearing, to have sent the goods twice. I will ask the credit card company to retrieve the funds and then maybe paypal will lean on the seller. If you pay by paypal the seller should keep up his/her end of the bargain. In the future if I don't get a tracking number right away or if the shipper doesn't have a record that it is a valid number and that the package has been turned in, I will ask paypal for a refund.
  7. Andre, sorry to hear about your problem with this seller. I have bought film from him and it came through ok. No idea what it's like, it's been in my freezer for the last year while I wait for that special day when I want red grass :)
  8. Andre,

    I've purchased this and other film from Dean a number of times over the past 4-5 years and have never had any issue with the purchase, delivery or the film he's sold to me. [​IMG]

  9. if you are talking about dean then you are talking crap if you are suggesting he is a scammer.
    the guy has been selling this stuff for years.
    i sometimes sell 35mm eir and military filters i have sold stuff to him and know many people that have used his film.
    he has to load and cut it by hand. it must be much worse than my simple bulk loading 35mm i would think he does it in batches rather than a job to job basis.
    the notion that someone who has been selling a product for over 5 years would pick you to rip off is a joke.
    if his sales are any thing like mine he is probably the victim of fraud rather than the other way around.
    the date on this film is not relevant kept in proper conditions it will last years past sell by date.
    simple random batch testing tells you if the film is good or rotten.
    my film is ex military i assume his film has a good storage history as well.he is an expert with this film if he says it is good why would he lie.
    he would get found out..why would he rip off one person that person would be going around saying hey man this guy nicked my money.
    crap eye say.
    contact him tell him he is a lazey ass hole just do not call him a scammer.
  10. Mr. Doyle,
    I just stated the facts.

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