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  1. Well folks you will remember some while back Sean Ross proposed forming an all analog web site. Many of you were very harsh and many said to get of his butt and do something about it.....well he has, and it is here. the link is Analog photographers users group Check it out, it is a little quirky interface but the site is very nice and surprisingly well desgined in such a short time.
  2. Your link is dead!
  3. Oops....I made a mistake on the link, Richard has it right. Sorry.
  4. Actually no mistake, for some reason my links do not seem to be working now. my html tag is text. Am I doing anything wrong?
  5. Quotes: <a href="http://www....">
  6. You forgot the "http://". Gotta have that in the HTML code, otherwise the browser will just append the address to the current URL (as it did here).
  7. Thanks guys! Eh the devils is in the details, no?
  8. Shouldn't an analog group meet in person? How do you discuss photos without scanning then (and thus end up discussing the digital version of an analog print.) Or, do you just not look at photos and say "I'm glad we're not using pixels to make our photographs, unlike the techno-toy digital photographers." ?
  9. absolutely! There is no way an analog group should be allowed to use the internet - here here
  10. Tim: Get a "Life". There are some of us out here, who are professionals, who like the idea of a silver print, even duplicated that is a 'one of a kind' item. Sure scanning is great, and it even works for a 'one of a kind' individualized single, silver print.
    Sorry, but many of us who are 'silver print' advocates, still like the individuality of the personal creation. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN MASS PRODUCING 'DIGITAL WALLPAPER'! One of my award winning prints has 22 individual dodging and burning operations. W.Eugene Smith, spent similiar time in the darkroom, as did Ansel Adams. Go ahead, and print your digital wallpaper. We, in the silver community, are cheering you on. You are sowing the seeds of your own artistic self destruction. Go for it! Our work will only grow in value. :)-)
  11. Joseph:<p>
    You are aboslutely correct, we should not be allowed to use celular phones either, or drive a car for that matter. Maybe we should comunicate via jungle drums, and drive horse buggys. But what can you do, I guess maybe we like taking advantage of progress in some ways.<p>
    I tell you what, you open your mind a little and we will stop using the internet, how about that?<p>

    Dont get all uptight on me now, I beleive Tim is being sarcastic (at least I hope so! I have known him to be of a more open mind)
  12. Geez fella - it was a joke - lighten up man...! Chill out and have a nice relaxing gin and tonic on me

    You've got to admit this thread is a little ironic though? Rather like B&W banning digital prints and then producing the whole magazine digitally...

    (Though I guess Ralph Gibson, among many others, no longer counts as a professional now...?)

    Mmm - accruing in value - the last Gursky digital print I saw went at auction for $250,000 as I recall, when the inital sale price was a mere $50,000. Makes you think doesn't it?


    PS - also a professional, award winning,photographer - I even have a darkroom... though most of my work is in colour these days, and I've never been good at doing my own colour - love B&W printing though
  13. I applaud your efforts to create a site where people of like minds can share info/ideas etc., but I don't understand why it's important to exclude anyone. I fear that if you take the "like minded" part to it's logical conclusion you get at best bored by a lack of diverse viewpoints and at worst a fascistic clan of technophobes stroking eachother's egos and fanning the flames of elitism. Nice site though.-jdf
  14. Some call it "exclusion"; some call it "editing." If you want to have a focused discussion, you define the topic and discourage off topic posting. There are plenty of places to discuss digital photography on the net, and I am sure that there will be participants in APUG who use digital techniques. The should just discuss them elsewhere, as they should discuss stamp collecting or auto racing or picking stocks or bass fishing elsewhere.
  15. I see your point Mr. Goldfarb.-jdf
  16. Thanks for the heads up. As a B&W silver printer I'll check in occasionally, but to tell the truth, I'm kind of a purist when it comes to reading forums, and I prefer the linear posted view as opposed to the non-linear subject groups. HTML looks decent tho.
  17. I agree that there's no exclusion here. No more than this forum is an exclusion of 35mm and MF photographers. Anyone can post. The forum is for people who want to have a place to talk about silver based photography. I see no where that anyone states that digital is bad and I'm sure many on the new forum most likely use digital as well.
    Good job Sean.
  18. Why does the mere idea of this website seem to scare people so much? If you aren't interested don't go.

    BTW to edit this post I pluged the computer into the TV. So it was written by an analog person on an analog screen. I assume it's being read by an analog person.

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