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  1. Greetings.
    Having, recently read a book called 'Golden Section' by Scott Olsen, I noticed when watching The Decisive Moment video (http://vimeo.com/20047490) how many of his photos correspond to the compositional tool of the golden triangle (three triangles forming the frame, all three with the same angles but each of them a different size).
    In addition, he is heard to say himself that
    "The greatest joy for me is geometry, that means a structure... it's a sensuous pleasure, an intellectual pleasure at the same time to have everything in the right place, it's a recognition of an order"
    I have highlighted his use of this tool in the following examples of his photos and would like to follow these with examples of my own photographs which appear to use this. I hope that you too will follow with examples of your work which exemplify this ratio.
  2. A second:
  3. A third
  4. And finally a portrait:
  5. If you use Lightroom, i the crop tool in the Develop portion of the program lets you super-impose a number of different guides to judge your composition and framing with: rule of thirds, golden triangle, golden mean, a couple of different few grids.
    On a mac at least the Command + R key combination opens the Cropping tool and clicking the "O" key allows you to cycle through the options. Shift + O syles through differing placements of the interests.
    You have made a very astute observation about Cartier-Bresson's compositional skills.
  6. I will kickstart contributions with one of my own, taken in Oxford.
  7. Another, taken in snow a couple of winters ago.
  8. And finally a portrait to compliment Henri's
  9. Another, almost street-photo/documentary, with triangle and the like.
    Just one remark on "every thing in the right place". They can be in their right place with or without "golden sections" or "golden rules". What is important is that the geometry is adapted to the scene. Without geometry, "things" are more sure to be misplaced.
  10. Anders, especially beautiful geometry and composition. The two figures are adding to the whole, and adding something different to the geometry. It is personal of course but I look for different elements fitting together in a given composition,( like light, DOF, etc.) which I think has been achieved here.
  11. jtk


    Anders, I think your image would best be printed differently depending upon size. A smaller print might want the people, upper right, lighter. They might be more evident without that in a larger print which might allow more of the image to "open up." Not printed? Would you consider that completed?
    I think there's a lot more going on in that image than "composition."
  12. John, I will exhibit my work next week in a gallery in Tel Aviv. Printing my work and looking at it printed, there is a difference from an intrernet small version and a big print ( 50-70 cm), As I know it from my work, my commentary is about the small version. If this work( or any work) will be printed in the future, small changes may be needed. I agree with you that a lot more is going on here like light, shadows DOF, point of camera,technic, converting to B/W etc.
  13. George,
    I think your Hexar AF photo is more interesting that the three from HCB that you posted.
    But the triangles I see are not golden, they are blue...
  14. Oh, and George, and I've had discussions with Josh about posting other people's photos. He says it must be a link only. No inline image posting.
    Not to be a nitpicker, but I think you are violating the board rules in this thread. I could draw all sorts of triangles on his pics that don't match up with your triangles.
    PS, I am violating the same rules of the board as you by posting your photo, I know. Thanks for having a sense of humor, in advance.

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