HC110 at (very) high dilutions... any advice?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by enrico__, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. I have always used hc110 from stock solution and then diluted that

    i use tri-x 320 and 400, tmax100, MF and LF, i also use d76, rodinal,
    tmax developers.

    I am very interested in using HC110 directly fom the bottle now so i
    began with 1:30, 1:63. im not entirely convinced with the results.

    I am now aiming to dilute as high as 1:100 or 1:130 with the littlest
    amount of agitation. is anyone familiar with this process or
    experimented like so? on top of that, what should i expect for
    developing times?
  2. http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/hc110/
  3. I've tried 1:32 (I think) with things like SFX, for stand development. I hadn't used TFX-2 at that point, which i prefer HUGELY for a number of reasons - one is that The Great Yellow Father has tinkered several times wth HC-110, as I suspect they have with many other developers of theirs, so I prefer to stick with NON-PROPRIETARY formulae, such as things made by Photographer's Formulary.

    BUT! That said, I REALLY REALLY liked the results gotten with HC-110 at about 1:32, stand developing the SFX for 60-75 minutes. Also TMAX developer worked pretty well; in fact my first attempt at stand development was with TMAX 1:13 (arbitrary dilution i arrived at) and Delta 400 @ EI 400. Stand time probably 75 minutes, but I don't haave immediate access to those negatives *today* so I can't say for sure the developing time.

    As an aside (or something) I stand developed a roll of EFKE KB50 @ EI 50, in TFX-2 at 1/4 strength, 74 degrees for 68 minutes and it came out a little bit thin, which I will absorb blame for - the dilution for stand development with that is really 1/2 strength, so my error. But the negatives look OK! Especially so after 8 minutes in selenium toner at 1:3 dilution. Anyway.

    If you're set on HC-110, cool. But if you haven't tried it, you might be interested in TFX-2, which I think is just much more interesting.
  4. Don't know about high dilutions but, at one time, we used to use a 5cc syringe of HC110 straight and shoot that into water sufficient to cover a 35mm spiral in a stainless steel dev tank (Nikon or equivalent) at around 27 degrees C and dev that for 3 and 3/4 minutes I think it was. For each stop the film was pushed we would shoot in another 5cc shot of HC110. Same temperate, same time. For agitation - tap tank several times at start to dislodge bubbles. At 1 minute drop and twist left, twist right. At 3 minutes do the same. At end of time toss the dev, wash, fix and then final wash.

    This was an old newspaper darkroom trick (in the days when film was still used). Likewise have gone digital so its been a while since I have ventured near a darkroom. Check out the specs - temperature and times are actually on the side of the container. And like all else - do some experimenting first. The results obtained hereby are difficult to beat especially in tight "remainable light" situations.

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