Hc-110 diltutions

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  1. HI all,

    Usually i develope with HC-110 in dilution H and TRI-X, just curious how does
    the dilution affects the development. I know sometimes we use certain dilution
    because at lower dilutions, developing time may be too short to develope
    properly. But how else does dilutions affect things like accutance, grain,
    film speed?

  2. Try this site: http://www.mironchuk.com/HC-110.html But read it carefully.
  3. Higher dilution = more grain, sharper image, increased speed. Very low dilution (or undiluted as in the case of a developer such as D-76) = finer grain, not as sharp with some loss of speed (say maybe 1/3 stop).
  4. One of the great properties of HC-110 is its' ability to be diluted and not effect accutance and grain. I found Dilution B (1+31 from concentrate) to be difficult to control with Tri-X 4X5 sheet film. The normal developing time was too short. By mixing the unoffical dilution (1+63), I found HC-110 to be a great developer. At 68 degrees for processing I process film for normal development for 9 minutes. Reduced development is 6 minutes and increased development is 12 minutes. It truly followed the 2X rule for me, as I doubled the dilution, the development time doubled.

    If I need to use HC-110 as a compensating developer, again this dilution works. I just decrease the agitation from once every 30 seconds to once every 3 minutes and extend the development time to 18 minutes.

  5. Do one have the HC100 dilution and time table of develop time ?

    (May be this is not a answer...this is a question)

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