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  1. I recently purchased a used Canon Cannonet range finder camera from Japan, off eBay. The camera is in great condition except for the Hazy viewfinder. The hazy viewfinder does not really affect the pictures, but it is still kind of annoying trying to look through it. I tried cleaning it with glass cleaner which helped a little, but the haze seems to be coming from the inside or maybe the entire glass inside and out is hazed. Does anybody have any home made solutions to this, or should I just send it for a CLA ?
  2. If you're feeling brave:

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  3. Most of these fixed lens rangefinders are pretty simple to take the top off, and clean it up by yourself with rocket blower and lens cleaning solution. The only thing to be careful is never ever clean the half silver mirror, because very likely the silver will be gone and you end up with no rangefinder spot. Speaking from experience. :)
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  4. If your'e feeling brave is right !! thanks. Maybe on a rainy day without any coffee...
  5. SCL


    I've never done it on that camera, but I've cleaned some other Japanese RFs. Removing the top cover to me is the scariest step, especially if there are electronics. But more often than not, the result is worth the process. As others said.be cautious around the silvered mirror or prism.
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