Having no luck finding models for fine art photos

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a site or network to find models who would be interested in creating fine art nudes? Trying to find models for this either creates a very awkward conversation or brings forth people that are not necessarily interested in "fine art" as much as they are in crazy underground kinds of stuff. Any direction would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Try Modelmayhem
  3. If there's a college nearby which offers a studio art major, call the dean's office. My kid's college employed models, nude and not, male & female covering a wide age span.
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  4. thank you ken tam. i have tried that route but no responses and then my account was cancelled. upon review of others input regarding that site, it seemed that there were very little, if even more than one, positive review for mm. sort of scared me actually to get involved with that site.
    Henry Posner, thank you. i did not think of that. being an art student and haven taken figure structure drawing classes, i should have thought of that. i'll do that.
  5. You might try http://figuremodels.org.
    I've seen several images on photo.net using one of the models from this site.
  6. www.onemodelplace.com/
    You may try this one.
  7. Have people had issues with Model Mayhem? I don't think there is any reason to be scared off by that site. My experiences with models from Model Mayhem have been somewhat limited but very positive. I think Henry's suggestion of a local college is right on the money. Craigslist also may yield positive results, but when I first started using it (before I had a portfolio) I experienced lots of flakes/no-shows.
    Ultimately I think finding models willing to pose nude will depend heavily on compensation. Are you offering fair pay? If so, there are plenty of striking models willing to do nude work on Model Mayhem. Craigslist will also yield a lot of hits, but you won't be able to "vet" them, meaning you will probably get a lot of responses by people who don't fit the look/vibe you are going for.
    If it's a trade for print deal you are hoping for, models are (understandably) hesitant to do this, even if you have a rockstar portfolio. If you are limited on funds, I highly recommend joining up with another photographer or two to put together enough money to hire an experienced model and take turns with the camera (a female photographer on hand will help to ease any tension!). It's a wonderful investment in your future. From my experience, the better your portfolio looks, the more willing models will be to do TFP shoots!
  8. I agree with Gabriel, Model Mayhem is a good site to book nude models... I have use MM a lot over the past few years. Most of the well known traveling models will expect fair pay but if your portfolio is solid you can get some trade with some of them. New models pop up a lot and they need to build their ports, they will trade but they may or may not show up. I have never had a model off MM that I offered to pay not show, trade is a different story... about 40 percent show up. If you're looking for skilled models that do nude work Model Mayhem is a good place to look.
  9. I second Ken Tam's suggestion, but you have to become a member (you can do it for free but yu have limited photos you can display and limited number of emails every day you can send. A paying membership is not that much though.
  10. Craigslist gigs is good for that. I have found many good models there, mostly amateur.
  11. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    everyone migrated from model mayhem to Facebook and Instagram.

    MM is run by a bunch of kids with big heads. lots of the real talent left because )f the stupid mods treat their paying accounts like crap.

    now all you'll find are young wanabe models asking $100/hr with 4 selfie phone snaps. the only plus to that is if they show up for your gig, they look exactly like they did in those selfies. but.... that's if they show up!
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  12. Just to balance the viewpoint, Raymond Elstad, Jim Phelps and I have been members of Model Mayhem for over ten years. We have found excellent models there, both on a. paying and TF basis ("Time for Prints", which in fact today is supplemented by low to medium resolution pics sent over the internet).. I strongly recommend the site,. Moreover, it's free, unless you require certain privileges which I have never used (there are presently well over a million inscribed members, though undoubtedly there is a rapid turnover).
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  13. Some “crazy underground kinds of stuff” is finer art than a lot of so-called fine art.
  14. Depending on the culture where you live, you should find interested models in almost every social situation. In three years of shooting primarily offbeat artsy nudes, I've met women socially, on Instagram (probably my easiest space for newcomers) and Model Mayhem (most reliable). Luckily we have a fantastic art model community on the West Coast. One of my early models introduced me to the circuit and I found a half dozen photographers shooting similar styles and realized that they all shot with the same traveling models. After getting a clear idea of the ecosystem, I found myself inspired by the new crop of young female photographers/modelographers and even though I'm old and male have found a lot of new ideas and faces there.

    Having a portfolio available on Insta gives you some level of credibility. Be aware that young and amateur models may feel vulnerable -- it's part of your job to put them at ease and just generally not be a creep. I've never encountered a problem being honestly appreciative of someone but the line should, in this day and age, be obvious. It takes some bravery (as a newbie) to talk with your model about what they are comfortable shooting -- do you want a ragged look with a sexy vibe? Talk about it. Do you want "girl next door" innocence? Talk about it. Just a backlit line of hip? You get the idea, right? Honestly, this has helped me with my communication everywhere. And over time I've made some real friends in the community and find the girls referring friends to me because of their positive experiences. Shoot what you LOVE (kink, innocence, lighting...whatever), talk to the girls about it and let them help you achieve your vision and be respectful. Oh, and have some (unopened) soft drinks and fruit available.
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  15. I will echo many responses here and suggest Model Mayhem. If you're willing to pay an agency, then going through a local agency is a sure bet.
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  16. Good luck with that one. Over 90% of the "models" there on Model Mayhem are not serious about modeling and most, regardless of how much experience they say they have, have little experience and need constant coaching and direction. I have been on that site for 15 years and gave up on it long ago. You will have better luck on OneModelPlace.com
  17. .. with respect, I have also shared as many years as you on ModelMayhem and the majority of photographers I have met around the world, including some above, would disagree with you. My portfolio is a witness to the many fruitful contacts that I have made on the site, some models paid, many not. As for the "level of experience", my favourite contacts are those that don't have "les préjugés de l'expérience", it's up to us to sollicite the response we want.
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  18. Try CGI?
  19. Apparently, a Japanese company (without her permission) made a doll out of Scarlett Johansson, but I still prefer the real thing .. : -)

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