Have you seen light leak like this -- Pentax Spotmatic M42

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by cameracravings, May 28, 2019.

  1. My Pentax Spotmatic with Super-Multicoated Takumar 50 1.4 and 2 filters attached ND4 + Circular Polarizer produced this strange light leak 2 times in a single roll and I was wondering about the reason for this. Did anybody seen a leak like this? Maybe this is mirror doing something? Thanks!

    Image (12).jpg
  2. At first glance it appears to be a simple shutter problem, but with some observation, the white line that travels through the young couple is extended in line with the bottom edge of the bench seat. That white line also bisects the legs of the gentleman in the white shirt. It may just be a coincidence that the white line is level with the edge of the bench but then again, an old scanner can give you a problem like that. How old is the scanner you used? The scanner may need cleaning.

    I would re-scan the negs and see if that white line remains or disappears. I'd do this first before inspecting the camera
  3. Maybe the mirror is bouncing, thus underexposing the top of the frame (which is the bottom of the image).

    Remove lens, leave door open, look through camera from rear towards white wall, push shutter button. Do you see mirror in frame sometimes?
  4. Is it in the same place on both negatives? Have you shot more film since? It doesn't seem like this is a processing issue but does the film appear physically damaged where this occurs? Where these frames together?

    This really looks more like flare than a light leak but it doesn't look like flare either. Looking at the pattern on the woman's dress and other areas, the image appears different above and below the line. I'm honestly not sure what's going on? The image looks grainy everywhere above the line and less so below.

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