Have you had this problem with your Mamiya 6 or 6MF?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by crowdspotting, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Hi.

    I have a Mamiya 6MF that I bought used a few months back. I love the thing.

    But... it's got some problems that are just now surfacing. Before I send it in
    to MAC for repair, I would like to ask other 6MF owners if they've experienced
    these symptoms or not. That way I'll know if these are normal operational
    quirks, or if I should have them addressed by Mamiya.

    - Advancing the film lever while loading the film and advancing to the first
    frame (or at the end of a roll when taking up the paper) makes "screeching"
    or "scraping" sound.

    - When dismounting the lens, I have to wiggle the silver lens release button
    before it can be depressed.

    The camera has other problems too - the items above are only "extra" items that
    I am going to ask that they fix (if they are deemed truly "problems.")

    Thanks for your advice.

  2. The scaping sound is, I think, the paper backing moving as the film is
    advanced. Haven't noticed any other problems, except that the advance
    mechanism is fragile and have had to have it repaired once. Also had to have
    the lens shutter repaired (on the 50mm). However, have been using two M6's
    for the past 10 years with no othe problems. Great cameras and lenses.
    Really accurate meter for slides but I usually add a half stop with B&W.
  3. I've been using an M6 from new with few problems. The collapsing lens mount froze at one time so I sent it to MAC. I suggest you send the camera to them ASAP for cleaning, lube and adjustment. This is a great camera-- perhaps the best I've ever owned. Best to give it the best care.
  4. Do you mean MAC, as in Mamiya America Corp? Not "MACK," the 3rd-P camera warranty
    provider, right?
  5. My Mamiya 6 also does the screeching sound when advancing film to the first & after the last frame. Mounting & dismounting lenses is a bit fiddly. From what I've heard this has improved on the Mamiya 7.
  6. Jeff,
    At the end of the roll, I too get a scrapy sound. But I never had any problems with the results (no streaks or scrapes on the negs), so I think it might need a little lube somewhere?

    My lens sometimes takes a slight bit extra effort to remove; I do notice it doesn't happen in winter and mainly during the hot and humid months. Not sure if the tolerances are high to give it that tight snap in lock.

    About the only thing I can say for my 6MF is that the VF's vertical alignment is ever so slightly off. Kind of bugs me at times, but I still get sharp results.


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