have you ever gone somewhere on a whim and made a good pic?

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  1. did you choose the lens, body, or flash a bit randomly, too?
    one weekend, i was working at home and got the urge to go to a nearby lake to take pictures. not unusual for me.
    i grabbed my big sig lens, a bit unusual for me, but sometimes it is my walk-about lens!
    i'm walking along the shoreline and 4 friendly fellows start asking me about photography and asked me to take their picture. sure, but nothing to hang in a photo contest (although it was my first drunk redneck homosexual shoo!)
    then, a heavily laden photographer walks by and tells us that she is doing a bride-to-be shoot but she doesn't know it yet! her boyfriend will soon crash the shoot and do a surprise marriage proposal!
    so, i wondered, why did i go there then with that lens and why did the drunks delay my walk so i could get this shot?
    an engineer would say i was lucky, but perhaps intuition was helping.

    have you ever, been in the right place at the right time with the right gear, unexpectedly? post it!

    [​IMG]_LNG1365 by BG Day, on Flickr
  2. Was meeting a friend for an event up at Fort Mason in San Francisco. While waiting in the parking lot, this scene unfolded. I try to get out as much as I can and seek out different locations when I do, though this wasn't really meant to be a photo outing. Then again, there's often something of interest to catch my eye in all corners of this city.

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