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  1. There has been a myth going around for years that sans serif typefaces are easier to read than serif faces on computer screens. This was true 30 years ago, but with the improvements in screen size and resolution, it is no longer true. C. Wheildon, among others, has proved this by scientific studies. Wheildon tested people by having them read the same news stories, one in serif, the other in sans serif. Then he tested them on content retention, not on their perception of appearance. Serif typefaces won.

    Size also matters, and the default type on PN is not only grey, it is too small.

    Personally, I like Minion Pro, but often a Web designer must play it safe and pick a font that he or she knows everyone has on their computer, or at least program his CSS pages to have alternate fonts listed that are on everyone's device.

    Another problem on PN is the colour of the words. The fashion these days is for grey type on white backgrounds. This has never been the norm. For 500 years we have been used to black or brown type on white, off-white or cream paper. Most books are on off-white paper. Sometimes pure black on stark white can be uncomfortable but that can be avoided by using off-white backgrounds or very dark grey type.

    The last time Apple gave its user site a makeover, they fell into the same trap. Everything was pale blue and pale grey, there was no longer sufficient contrast between foreground and background. It was difficult and tiresome to read.

    The new page theme for PN is based on the current trend: light steely grey, light blue, with orange accents.
  2. I also find that this site is tedious, having to constantly login and be redirected to the wrong page. No other forum I use does that. There is this cavalier attitude that the users are at fault complaining about all the shortcomings, something I don't appreciate at all. As I've mentioned before, I don't use much of the site because of the difficulties, but even the little I use is a pain.
  3. From a visually ergonomic design standpoint sans serif type projects a constant and repeating pattern of nondescript vertical, diagonal and horizontal strokes that impede quick distinguishing between each character.

    Serifs create more distinction by breaking up this repeating pattern with an end cap on each stroke. For instance the letter 'm' at first glance appears like 3 down strokes where the humps are barely distinguishable. If there was an end cap foot on the bottom of the first and last down stoke it would provide contrast to the softer humps on top especially if the text is small.

    This site on font design and identification shows there is a lot of ergonomic design principles applied in maintaining a balance between style and readability...


    I also wish the gray forum thread surround was a bit darker for better framing of the white field. As it is now the light surrounding gray reads at a Lab Luminance of 96 which is the measured white patch of the Xrite Color Checker Chart.
  4. I believe you can override the font using Stylish or other web browser add-on.
  5. Would that add on allow changing the font for just one site or does it apply to all?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into seeing how an add-on works with my browser and 27" display at its native 1920x1080 screen resolution. Of course this is something I'ld like to avoid.
  6. Stylish allows setting for a given site or URL, e.g. in Firefox:

    @-moz-document domain("photo.net") {
    * { font-family: "serif" !important; }

    It can be used also for other transformations here, e.g. the following disables some of the useless wasteful photo.net elements:

    @-moz-document domain("photo.net") {
    #container-photographer-cover, #cover-potd, #navstop-discover, #navstop-develop, #navstop-discuss, .h2-teasers, .p-teasers, #photo-zoom-button-container, #photo-zoom-details-container, li.container-photo, h2.marg-top {
    display: none;
  7. Another important web browser add-on for photo.net is Greasemonkey. The following snippet swaps photos of the day / week / editor's pick with the article grid on the front page. So you can see, together with disabling wasteful elements as suggested above, photo of the day etc. at the top of the page, without scrolling. It's not perfect, but still much better than the original.

    var container = document.getElementById('wrapper-fullwindow');
    var articles = document.evaluate("//div[@class='grid']", container, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue;
    var photos = document.evaluate("//div[@class='bg-white']", container, null, XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE, null).singleNodeValue;
    articles.parentNode.insertBefore(photos, articles);
  8. In Firefox (at least for Mac) you can do this in the preferences by selecting Content > Fonts and Colors > Advanced Be sure on the advanced window to deactivate the ability of the Webpage to pick its font.

    You can pick any font you have but some may not play well with the Web author's spacing parameters.
  9. This site has been absolutely screwy for the last 30 minutes or so. Portfolio pictures failing to load or taking forever, back arrow taking me completely out of a gallery where I had been viewing a picture (today in the Favorite Photographers Gallery, after viewing a photo, the back button takes me out of the gallery and into my Favorite Pictures Gallery.) This kind of thing has happened several times previously, on an almost daily basis. Sometimes checking back later I find that the gallery is again working normally (though hardly well). It's worrisome that nearly 6 weeks after implementation this site is still experiencing such serious glitches. Even more worrisome is that so few people seem to notice or care. Oh, by the way, on my homepage under forum posts, I'm informed I have made no comments. Lucky I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
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  10. I just tried this and it does NOT work for PhotoNet. In fact, it only works with some sites (and not many it appears).

    Sorry for taking anyone on a wild goose chase.
  11. Thanks DrBen. You didn't send me on a wild goose chase but I appreciate your thoroughness in your suggestions.

    Besides, after zamazal's Style's customized coding demo, I'm going to wait and see if Photo.net can change to a serif font. Since it took them a while to get the paragraph breaks working I'm going to give them plenty of time on forum font style changing. They've got more important things to work on anyway.
  12. Amazing to see how long it takes to upload an image (1,4 mb) to my portfolio. I have finished my attempts. Where are my images? I only see a lot of empty fields. And how long will it take for photo.net to digest the fact that I live in Europe and not in America? I have changed this item a couple of times. But every time i check this it has been restored to America. There is of course a slight chance that I am not aware of the fact that I actual live in the USA. However, generally spoken I am not happy with the new design of photo.net

  13. Well, I started this thread (original post above) somewhat facetiously but now realize that I was clairvoyant. Wish I'd bought a lottery ticket.

    Can anyone honestly say that anything of substance has changed since this dog was released?
    • The "Back" button is still an adventure. Kinda odd that it works on every other site on the internet.
    • Galleries are still a jumbled mess.
    • It's still impossible to track both our own comments and others without email help. And even with email it's an entire portfolio search to find the image with the new comment.
    • Every browser on the market seems to respond and behave differently. Again, really odd that all other sites seem to work just fine on all browsers.
    • Speed is still lacking, even though this has reportedly been the number one work item.
    • I remain convinced that neither the programmers or management ever opens the photo critiques, otherwise they would recognize it's unusable.
    I could go on and on with all the issues that fill this so called "Help" forum, but they've all been repeated ad nauseam and nothing is being done.

    All this frustration has taken the joy out of the Photo Net that I've used and enjoyed for 10 years and I've decided to release the stress. I just spent part of two days deleting every image from my portfolio, ten years worth of comments, help and fraternization with some of the nicest people on this globe. A sad end just so management can attract "new users" from the Tweet and Facebook zombies. Isn't it sweet how they all "like" each other. By the way, that doesn't look like it's working so well, the same 30-40 members seem to frequent the site.

    I remain hopeful that somewhere around V15 some of the function we lost from V1 will return. A shame all my old friends won't be around to see it. I'm outa here... Mike Mancil
  14. +1 to Mike's comments. I am also deleting all my photos and leaving this site. I joined in 2001 and became a better photographer but there is no progress (or progress reports) to fix issues in new PN version. This is no longer fun. This used to be a PHOTO site and not a FACEBOOK site. How sad!
  15. Mike, were you able to delete all your photos? I understood people were still not able to do that. Several folks have mentioned they thought they deleted photos only to return to their galleries to find them not deleted. I've kinda been waiting for the delete function to work. From what I've experienced, there's now a clumsy way to know if comments have been made on your photos by going to your library. I've knocked around there to see what that entails and it's cumbersome at best. I'm still waiting to see if further improvements will be made to the critique side of the site. I understand portfolios still can't be reasonably organized and have seen no new official info in quite some time. I won't waste my time on my PN portfolio until some new info is put out.
  16. Looking at his portfolio and not finding any images, I'd say that he succeeded. And so did Bill Boyd. Deleting seems a drastic step that cannot be undone and might be regretted should either one of them choose to return.

    I've been a member of PN since 2001 but became only active with photos in 2005 or thereabouts. Left in 2007 over issues with ratings and other shortcomings of the site. Returned again, exclusively to the forums some years later. Never saw a reason to delete all my images (I cleaned up some though to make space for new ones). Should I decide to turn my back on PN again (temporarily or permanently), I probably leave the images behind. No harm in that. And leaves the door open for a possible return.
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  17. Thanks for the info, Dieter. Sorry to lose Mike and all the other good community members who've left recently.
  18. When I first encountered the new interface, without any warning, I vociferously complained and was banned for over a month. When I came back, I found very little was different, so now I rarely login anymore because I don't find the site appealing, it does not draw me in, and having to login so often is absolutely ridiculous, makes not sense what-so-ever, no other site I frequent does that. BTW, can we delete our account?
  19. HOWTO build a website.
    Get a copy of The Non-Designer's Design Book Robin Williams & learn some basic graphic design & typography.
    Get an old Dreamweaver 1.0 off Ebay for peanuts, if you're lucky.
    Create the most basic blank white page with the words Under Construction, look at the generated html, & instantly realisze that as a photographer therefore working to the highest standards, you need to hand ball.
    Work hard, learn some html, & strictly adhere to W3C, get a green light through their free Validator, then you can proudly put a W3C logo on your site. I cannot see what I am typing here because there are things wrong with this site.

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