have interested buyer of my photos but am not set up for it

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  1. As you can see, www.paulwhitingphotography.com, I am not setup for on-line sales of my photos. That was deliberate, I decided to get my website up and running and perhaps later set it up for sales.
    However, I've had some inquiries, which is nice, but some of them are rather, well, strange. Should I politely say I'm not really into that yet, I'll let you know when I'm prepared for that. Still, it would be nice to make a little cash. But should I be wary or cautious about these inquiries?
    Thanks all,
  2. How strange?
    I sold prints to several people by having them printed at a lab, and matting them myself, and shipping them UPS to the customer. It doesn't have to be complicated.
    If someone suggests bizarre or complex payment arrangements, or proposes to pay more than you are asking, just run away.
  3. Thanks, Charles,
    You're right... how strange? Not very. He just didn't seem too savvy about prints, matting, sizes, that sort of thing. And like you, I decided not to send them with frames and glass (or more likely, plexi.). Some folks like to choose their own frames, and it's a lot easier just to sell a matted print.
  4. I tried shipping a print, framed with glass. Big mistake. Fortunately FedEx reimbursed me for the print and shipped the replacement free.
  5. Hi! Personally, I like your works very much and perfectly understand why people are eager to buy your prints (so moody!).
    There are plenty easy ways to sell prints without actually being involved with the selling process. You can set up a site on zenfolio (I know couple of guys that are doing pretty well with that), you can set a worpress site with some ecommerce functions (a little more hassle than zenfolio) or you can sign up for a lyncpix account (can be a good choice because you already have a website).
    If I were you, I'd go for a solution that leaves the print buying process to your customer and the print lab - let them decide what's best and keep doing your thing.
  6. Mike,
    Kind of you for those tips... much appreciated! I will definitely look into them.
  7. You can check out my zenfolio website (http://leonin.net) to get an idea of how e-commerce works within zenfolio. The work I did was minimal - I chose a design, uploaded my photos, select products /print sizes and options, set prices and that was it.

    A customer goes to the site, selects a photo and product/size, places the order and pays for it.. The print is sent to my selected lab(s) for printing and fulfillment. Zenfolio takes its cut and deposit my portion into my account.

    So really, after the initial set up and adding more photos, I don't have to do anything else.

    If you decide to go with zenfolio, please use my referral code below. You get a 10% discount and I get a referral fee.


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