have a 6" goerz dagor and want to buy an inexpensive used 4x5

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by stephen_jensen, Feb 13, 1998.

  1. I have my Grandfather's 6 inch Goerz Dagor lens, in mint condition, and want to buy a used 4x5 camera. I was thinking of buying a Cadet (from Calumet) and doing my own lensboard and shooting at f128, using the lens cap as the shutter. The lens goes from f2.8 to f128. I was not going to but a shutter as I also do multiple exposure cave photography Any comments?
  2. Skip the Cadet right now. Seems that there's a problem with the rear standard shifting when you lock it down. I provide a fuller explanation on the LF home page and in the Q&A under Cadet. So much of a problem Calumet cancelled my order and is giving me a full refund.
  3. Why don't you look for an old 4x5 Graflex press camera? Portable & relatively inexpensive.
  4. Why f128? I dont know at what aperture this fine old lens is at its
    sharpest, but would think it would be more like f16-32. At f128 there
    would be tremendous diffraction, and you will not get anywhere near the sharpness potential of this lens.
    If you are going to do mostly landscapes (cavescapes?), I agree with
    Peter. A Speed or Crown Graphic is rugged, well made, and quite

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